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ERA developing CO2 Equipment Calculator for construction equipment

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Following on from the ‘Carbon Footprint of Construction Equipment’ study published last year, ERA has started work on a new CO2 Equipment Calculator for rental companies, OEMs, contractors and other equipment stakeholders to make more sustainable choices when using construction equipment.

The web-based calculator will build on the life cycle assessment tool used in the study and will look at the production phase, energy consumption during use, maintenance, transport to and from construction sites, and end-of-life treatment, as well as accounting for different fuel types and the energy mix of the country in which the equipment will be used. This will enable users to identify the parameters that have the biggest impact on the carbon footprint of a piece of equipment, evaluate areas for improvement and offset their environmental impact in emission compensation schemes.

The easy-to-use calculator will compare different user scenarios and allow a larger part of the construction sector to undertake straightforward environmental analyses.

CE Delft, the independent research consultancy that built the calculation tool for last year’s study, will design the calculator, which will be built by Alias, ERA’s digital services provider.

The CO2 Equipment Calculator will complement the ERA TCO Calculator and is expected to be ready to launch in early 2021.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the ERA team at

Source: ERA