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Exhibitors' Opinions

Peter Lindner, Chief Executive Officer, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Industriebau (AGI - "Working Group on Industrial Construction"):
"For the first time, the subject of industrial construction was represented at DEUBAUKOM. A large number of companies from the sector have presented themselves under the auspices of our association, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Industriebau (AGI). As anchored in the new concept of the fair, this resulted in a genuine competence centre. A communication area offered space for intensive discussions in the network with architects, engineers and clients from the industry. Moreover, the Industrial Construction Congress met with a positive response and, in accordance with our association motto, ensured the progress of findings through the transfer of knowledge."


Ernst Uhing, President, Architektenkammer Nordrhein-Westfalen ("North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Architects"):
"From the viewpoint of Architektenkammer NRW, DEUBAUKOM is one of the premier construction fairs in Germany - and it is important for a federal state covering a large area such as North Rhine-Westphalia. With our around 18 million inhabitants, the extremely dense settlement in the conurbations by the Rhine and the Ruhr as well as the university cities and the diverse tasks in building construction and in the infrastructure, it is very important for the entire sector to have such a central forum for information and the exchange of ideas available on a regular basis. We are glad to be able to stage the international architectural congress entitled 'New Construction with Steel' within the framework of DEUBAUKOM together with our partners. With more than 1,000 participants, it was yet again one of the largest architectural congresses in Germany this year too."

Stephan Böddeker, Sales Manager and Product Manager, August Lücking GmbH & Co. KG:
"As a regional brick manufacturer of plane bricks with high thermal insulation, particularly for the construction of monolithic outside walls, we have, for the first time this year, taken part in the Material Xperience materials show integrated into DEUBAUKOM. The concept of the open product presentation with a neutral effect has exerted a very good influence on addressing the trade public. The reduction in the presentation to just a few products and absolute concentration on the innovations were extremely effective. Well-frequented congress events for engineers and architects as well as representatives of the housing industry have brought a large number of qualified visitors to our product presentation."

Uwe Hüttner, Sales Manager and Consulting/Business Development Manager, BRZ Deutschland GmbH:
"DEUBAUKOM is an interesting fair event and shows how important the widely branched networking of all the people involved in construction is. Only in this way will it be possible to implement construction projects more efficienctly and more successfully in the future. Although the onrush of visitors to DEUBAUKOM 2014 does not match that of other fair events, we still have the impression that the quality of the contacts was very good. DEUBAUKOM shows that not only architects are dealing with the subject of modelling building structures. There is a growing understanding that all the people involved should be included in the development, planning and construction process."

Michael Fritz, Chief Executive Officer, Bundesverband Bausoftware e.V. (BVBS - "Federal Association for Construction Software"): "The new concept of DEUBAUKOM was a hit for the field of construction IT. With 78 exhibitors, we are the largest autonomous exhibition section and portray all the construction software trends. That highlights the great significance of this sector and the importance of the IT Competence Centre within DEUBAUKOM. Moreover, we can register a very high quality of the trade visitors."

Johan Spijksma, Sales Advice Manager, Deutsch-Niederländische Handelskammer ("German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce"): "In the meantime, we were represented at DEUBAU or now DEUBAUKOM for the third time. Four years ago, we developed the concept of the Holland Pavilion and implemented it for the first time. Our booth design was an absolute success once again in 2014: This time, a total of ten Dutch firms were united under one roof. We were able to hold high-quality discussions with numerous protagonists from the housing industry who found bundled know-how in a small space."

Uwe Burghardt, Press Spokesman, EnergieAgentur.NRW ("North Rhine-Westphalia Energy Agency"):
"We are very satisfied with our appearance at the fair. In particular, the subjects of pellets heating, geothermics and photovoltaic installations were popular amongst the ultimate consumers. Combined heat and power constituted a big subject for decision takers from the housing industry."

Jörg Mieritz, Authorised Signatory, esco Metallbausysteme:
"During our premiere at Leben plus Komfort, we have reached precisely our target group: We have held a lot of good discussions with planners, architects, authorities and private building owners. As a manufacturer of motor-driven doors and windows, we offer user-friendly individual and system solutions which can be integrated into the existing building technology. Our technology for barrierfree access to apartments and buildings was particularly popular at Leben plus Komfort."

Wilhelm F. Schwefer, Technical Sales Manager, West Region, Geberit Vertriebs GmbH:
"We were able to recognise a clear trend: The trade visitors predominated at DEUBAUKOM 2014. The discussions were convincing due to their quality. Moreover, a lot of potential future specialists visited our booth. As a company for sanitation technology, we have supported the occupational qualification of young people since time immemorial. Fairs like DEUBAUKOM also offer space for initial networks between economic representatives and young professionals."

David Janez, Regional Manager, Inotherm d.o.o.:
"Since 1991, our company with its headquarters in Slovenia has grown into one of the largest suppliers of high-quality aluminium house doors. We serve sales markets throughout Europe. In order to maintain business relations to Germany, our presence at fairs like DEUBAUKOM is enormously important. Precisely DEUBAUKOM opens up chances of canvassing for new orders in North Rhine-Westphalia. In comparison with the South German region, our network in the federal state with the highest number of inhabitants is still small. In order to change that, we have now been able to hold a few interesting discussions with potential customers in Essen."

Frank Wiorek, Area Sales Manager, Kalzip:
"Our booth was located in the middle of the newly created Industrial Construction Competence Centre. And one thing is certain: We have felt very well. The visitor frequency was really good. We were able to reach a wide trade public. Not only private planners and building contractors but also representatives of municipal construction offices are interested in our building shells made of aluminium."

Oliver Lange, Sales Project Manager, Keramag:
"Exhibiting at Leben plus Komfort was the correct investment. Here is where we meet exactly our target groups, starting with architects via general contractors right up to decision takers from cities, towns, local authorities and municipalities. We were able to hold very good discussions. The quality and quantity of the visitors were okay."

Martin Schwarz, Landesbetrieb Wald und Holz NRW ("North Rhine-Westphalia Federal State Company for Forests and Wood"):
"The new concept of DEUBAUKOM is outstanding: The fair networks all the protagonists for sustainable and efficient construction in a unique way. The new competence centres provide every subject with an appearance offering effective publicity. For us, the participation in the Wood Competence Centre was very successful: We have met precisely the right target group, i.e. the construction decision takers. Above all, our solutions for construction in the existing stock and redevelopment with wood-based insulating materials met with great interest. DEUBAUKOM is the right springboard for us to push ahead with construction using wood. Therefore, we will be involved once again in 2016."

Rainer Diehl, Sales Product Manager, RIB Deutschland GmbH:
"DEUBAUKOM has fulfilled our expectations. A high visitor quality has stood out. The outline conditions have been okay due to the proximity to the IT Competence Centre. Particularly because of the fair venue in Essen, we were able to reach our target groups, from the architect via the structural engineer right up to the public administration. The discussions held here are raising hopes of good post-fair business."

Stephan Rademacher, Property Sales Manager, SOLARLUX Aluminium Systeme GmbH:
"This time, we have tailored our appearance at the fair especially to the needs of housebuilding. With success: We have intensively publicised our presence in Essen, have invited a large number of customers and were able to hold good discussions. Our product highlights which we have introduced at DEUBAUKOM included glass folding walls which lend a balcony character to a usual interior room in next to no time and nevertheless provide protection from sound and weather while energy is being saved."

Jo Prumpeler, Sales Manager, Steildach IsoBouw:
"We have presented ourselves on a booth under the auspices of the Dutch cooperative booth. Our expectations were fulfilled. We were able to hold interesting discussions with trade visitors. Although our holding company is based in the Netherlands, North Rhine-Westphalia is, so to speak, our home territory. For this reason, DEUBAUKOM is particularly attractive to us with the venue in Essen."

Christian Hartmannsgruber, Managing Director, tielsa:
"We like the fair concept very much. All the important subjects are portrayed in a way appropriate to the target groups: From the architect to the ultimate customer, all the visitors receive the information important to them. During our first appearance at Leben plus Komfort, we have also held a lot of good discussions and are very satisfied with the visitors' quality and willingness to invest. In any case, our appearance will have a positive influence on the post-fair business."

Dietmar Dunker, Sales Manager, VELUX Deutschland GmbH:
"In short: We are satisfied and will be happy to come once again. 2014 has shown clearly that the target group of planners and architects which is important to us can be encountered at DEUBAUKOM to a greater extent. Precisely the location of the fair in the centre of the conurbation of the Ruhr region was advantageous to us. A large number of decision takers live and work here. The entire catchment area of DEUBAUKOM is a big market for us."

Alexander Rychter, Association Director, Verband der Wohnungs- und Immobilienwirtschaft Rheinland Westfalen (VdW - "Association of the Housing and Property Industries in Rhineland and Westphalia"):
"It was a matter of interest to VdW Rheinland Westfalen to promote and accompany DEUBAUKOM. Here, we have held good discussions not only with the North Rhine-Westphalia Construction Minister, Michael Groschek, in particular but also, of course, with representatives of our member companies as well as of the technology suppliers."

Source: Messe Essen GmbH