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Firestone Maxi Traction IF agricultural tyre - Independent tests show Maxi Traction has maximum traction!

Higher efficiency for farmers


Independent tests conducted during 2012 in Belgium and Germany prove the overall superiority of Firestone Maxi Traction IF agricultural tyres in traction and work rate. Traction tests  comparing Maxi Traction IF with  three main competitors, including  top-selling tyre brands in Europe, show that the Firestone tyre has the lowest slip rate– resulting in stronger traction. The field  tests also confirm Maxi Traction’s higher work capacity, showing a larger surface area work rate than the same three competitors.

“Firestone aims to offer farmers measurable improvements in efficiency and these independent tests prove that Maxi Traction IF delivers it” says Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Manager Marketing Planning, Bridgestone Europe.

The same testing programme shows that Maxi Traction IF has an above-average tyre footprint, adding the benefit of lower soil compaction to its top traction performance.

Importantly for farmers, the independent tests also show that Maxi Traction’s superior traction and faster work rate is not compromised by its fuel efficiency, which proved in line with average results of the tested tyres in the field and on the road. Farmers can therefore enjoy lower overall fuel consumption with Maxi Traction thanks to its faster work rate.

igher load capacity or lower pressure

Firestone has introduced the Maxi Traction IF radial for today’s faster, more powerful tractors. Compared to standard tractor tyres, the IF is designed to either carry a higher load at the same pressure or carry the same load at lower air pressure.

 “The new Firestone Maxi Traction IF tyre has a casing design which allows a great degree of flexing, enabling lower pressure to be used for the same load and speed. This allows the farmer to combine high road speeds with lower soil compaction in the field, resulting in higher crop yield” explains Harald Van Ooteghem.

In addition to enabling the tyre to carry the same load as a standard tyre at lower inflation pressure, Firestone IF technology can also be used to carry a 20% higher load at the same inflation pressure and speed as a standard tyre. This gives the farmer, for example, the capability to use heavier implements or reduce the number of transport cycles – increasing production efficiency again.

A strong added benefit is that the IF version of the Maxi Traction does not require the purchase of new rims. Maxi Traction IF tyres can be fitted on the same rim as a standard tyre of the same size. It is also possible to fit Maxi Traction IF radials on wider rims, if required.

Developed and tested in Europe

The Maxi Traction IF is designed for heavy tractors with power of 180+ HP. It has been developed at the Firestone European R&D centre in Italy and manufactured at Firestone’s specialist agricultural tyre plant in Puente San Miguel, Spain.

Firestone Maxi Traction IF is now available for the agricultural tyre replacement and original equipment markets in several sizes. On display for the first time at SIMA 2013 is Maxi Traction IF 800/70R38, the latest size added to the range as Firestone progressively expands Maxi Traction IF technology to fit all tractor sizes.



Source: Bridgestone