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First PB scissors for Spain

Following the opening of PB spanish office in June this year, the first PB machines were delivered towards the Iberian Peninsula. At the beginning of November two blue-yellow PB S171-12ES scissor lifts were deliviered from the PB company site to the two Vamasa Tecnical S.L offices in Valencia and Barcelona.


The handover including the obligatory handshake for both machines took place at the Vamasa’s Valencian seat. The setting with a clear sky was perfect and Vamasa CEO Victor Cambralla Balaguer (l.), PB General manager Spain Andrea Dewald (m.) and Vamasa purchasing manager José Vicente Vidal (r.) were “shining” together with the PB S171-12ES.

What motivated Vamasa to choose PB and the PB S171-12ES Vamasa CEO Victor Cambralla Balaguer explained in detail: „We have chosen PB because we are convinced of the quality of their products including their installed components and we have made sure, that the machines are customized to the needs of the rental companies. In conclusion they can be rented very well. An important factor for us was the machines were designed for easy accessibility during maintenance. Concerning the PB S171-12ES the design of the scissor system is particularly outstanding. With the different scissor packs at the top and bottom leads to a reduction in weight, this makes it to the lightest machine on the market. The center of gravity is also set as low as possible, what guarantees a high stability. Equally worth mentioning is the hydraulic self-leveling PB outrigger system, which allows a troublefree outdoor use. Indoor the operations can be done without the outriggers. The very good maneuverability of the machine and its ability to drive it at full height makes an exact positioning of the scissor lift is possible, which saves a lot of time. Other points which are important for Vamasa in the selection of a manufacturer as a supplier for Vamasa are the availability of spare parts, the training of our technicians and the availability of a technical service (note: cooperation with ITM – long-term service partner of Vamasa and service representative of PB in Spain; People of Vamasa and ITM were trained at and by PB. With PB we have found a supplier for the future, which has a very good, closely cooperating team.” Immediately these words turned into action: Another order for the following year is already listed in the PB order book.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, the PB S171-12ES convinces with further features: The machines has a super-compact design with 1,22 m width and 17,10 m working height. Thanks to the extension, the platform has max. 3,90 x 1,19 m “work space” with 400 kg lift capacity on the entire platform. The electro-hydraulic drive combined with the standard differential lock provides sufficient power and is absolutely emission-free, ergo predestined for the use in closed rooms.

Source: PB Lifttechnik GmbH

PB PB S171-12E on LECTURA Specs