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FORWAY Senior Management visited POCLAIN HYDRAULICS

April 18th 2012 during the INTERMAT exhibition, FORWAY's VP Zhang Haibin and other exhibition staff visited POCLAIN HYDRAULICS.

General manager of Asia Pacific introduced history and main product of POCLAIN; the achievements of the past years and development  plan for future.
VP Zhang and other staff visited the workshop, technical center and product management center. VP Zhang is very interested in POCLAINs new product, and gave highly praise of POCLAINs quality product, service management and fast development.; and grateful for POCLAINs support to FORWAYs leap development.
FORWAY has been developing by leap and bound in recent years, has already become the largest production base of skid steer loader in China. FORWAYs development needs suppliers participation and support. 
As one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulics in the world, POCLAIN has established a solid cooperation with FORWAY,and has been a outstanding supplier to FORWAY.