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Watch on Forway skid steer loader WS50

Forway WS50 is most the popular model at present, it has mechanical and joystick controls. Mechanical controls is easy maintainence and high cost performance, is suitable for the use of the end user. Joystick controls is flexible, comfortable operation, equip with original Perkins engine(35.7kw).

Compare to the similar model BOBCAT150, BOBCAT150 equip with Kubota/V220(34kw) engine, it is also radial lifted. Forway new generation skid steer loader WS50 has a big improvement based on the old version, it's rated working capacity is 760.00KGS, BOBCAT150 is 703.00KGS, WS50 lifting height is 3096mm, is 150mm higher than BOBCAT150

The design of WS50 highlights its convenient maintenance, the change of filtlers, deseil oil could be done outsite the machine. Following is the picture we get from comparison