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GD Open Day

After a successful autumn campaign with the GD Drill Weaving Machinery in conjunction with Tony Reynolds held an Open Day at Thurlby Grange Farm Nr Bourne, Lincs to show customers from the UK and Northern France the benefits of No-till and low disturbance direct drilling. Tony Reynolds who currently has two trailed GD Drills explained why he has be ‘No-Tilling’ for over 15 years. Many points were raised throughout the day such as the use of a stripper header, reducing the use of chemicals and fertilisers and increasing worm population and organic matter within the soil. Over the course of the day 32 farmers learnt how Tony has managed to dramatically reduce his establishment costs as well as improve the overall health of the soil across both of his farms. The GD4800T was on hand to show customers the benefits of the simple GD coulter and the advantages of Avadex and Slug/Fertiliser applicators. The day finished off with lots of discussion about how no-till would work in varying soil types and conditions across the UK and France. Weaving Machinery will be demonstrating the GD Drill across the UK this spring.