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Updated Trailed GD Drill to be launched at Cereals

Cereals 2016 will see the launch of Weaving Machinery’s updated and improved zero-till Drill.

After a hugely successful first year in the field the GD Drill has provided several solutions to current cereal production issues including volunteer control, establishment costs and the ability to drill into standing crops in a variety of seed beds. To complement the coulter design improvements have been made throughout the trailed seed hopper.


The refreshed design sees the seed hopper capacity increasing to 2.85 Tons allowing operators to drill for longer between stops, a new and improved easy access hopper cover has been developed adding to the usability of the drill. Aware of farmers concerns over soil structure and health, Weaving’s have fitted as standard the new generation Mitas Agriterra 02 tyres to the trailed GD models to help alleviate compaction and wheeling’s. Able to run at lower working pressures and with a wider footprint the new tyres handle the increased weight of the hopper capacity without impeding on soil health. A new streamlined variable front weight block allows operators to match the balance of the machine to the tractor and also incorporates an integral toolbox and hopper access steps finishing off the improvements to the drill.

Refinements to the GD Coulter have been delivered in the form of a new operator friendly seed tube. If coulter blockages arise the seed tube is detached from the disc coulter within seconds to reduce machine down time in the field.

A GD6000T will be on show along with the mounted GD3000M on stand 500 at the Cereals Event.