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Genie Adds Access Deck to Popular Micro Scissor Product Line

Micro Access Deck
Genie (Terex Aerial Work Platforms) International
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Micro Access Deck


  • Genie introduces the Lift Tools™ Access Deck accessory for its GS™-1932m and GS-1432m micro scissor lifts, enhancing productivity in hard-to-reach areas.

  • The Access Deck provides an additional 22 inches of height, facilitating safer and more efficient work practices for HVAC, electrical, lighting, plumbing, and welding contractors.

  • Designed for easy and toolless installation in less than 5 minutes, the Access Deck is compatible across various Genie scissor lift models, including the ability to transfer the accessory between standard and micro scissor lifts using a new adapter bracket.

  • Genie emphasizes the safety and utility of the Access Deck, offering it as a safer alternative to standing on guardrails and a solution for reaching difficult job sites.

  • The Access Deck's availability in ANSI markets is announced for this month, with plans to expand to other regions at a later date, providing rental companies an opportunity for an add-on rental option that enhances return on investment.

Accessory increases productivity and improves work practices


Genie® micro scissors are a safe alternative to ladders and a more productive alternative to vertical mast lifts. They also are well suited for jobs where you might normally use a standard 14 ft / 4.3 m or 19 ft / 5.55 m scissor lift. However, certain applications still require operators to reach above their head while working at height into areas that are less accessible, such as through rafters or ceiling tiles.

To meet this need, commonly experienced by HVAC, electrical, lighting, plumbing, and welding contractors, Genie is expanding availability of its Lift Tools™ Access Deck accessory to include Genie GS™-1932m and GS-1432m micro scissor lifts. The new Genie Micro Access Deck Kit increases productivity for those hard-to-reach locations by providing an additional 22 in / 55.88 cm of height.

“The Access Deck has been a popular accessory for some time on standard-sized Genie slab scissor lifts,” said Bryan Williams, Genie Senior Product Manager. “Because standing on a scissor lift’s guardrails is an unsafe practice, operators like the Access Deck and its non-slip surface because it allows them the extra reach they sometimes need to get to hard-to-access jobsites. With the growing adoption of micro scissors, it only made sense to expand availability of the Access Deck to our micro scissor product line.”

Genie’s scissor lift Access Deck design was optimized to maximize compatibility across Genie scissor lift models, with machine installation taking less than 5 minutes due to its toolless installation design. This increases utilization and flexibility for equipment owners and operators, because an Access Deck from a Genie GS-1930 or GS-1932 slab scissor lift can be moved to a Genie micro scissor lift when using the new Micro Access Deck Adapter Bracket.

“For rental companies, this flexibility represents an opportunity to offer an add-on rental option that provides a higher return on their investment. And, because Genie’s Access Deck solution is not integrated into the scissor lift’s rails, as is the case with some competitors’ products, there is additional flexibility to move the access deck to another machine, if needed, during the course of a job,” Williams said.

"The good news for equipment owners is that they don’t need to purchase a new Access Deck to expand this versatility to their micro scissors. To use the Genie Access Deck on Genie micro scissors, equipment owners simply need the new Micro Access Deck adapter kit and the Micro Access Deck retrofit drill fixture, which ensures they can accurately position holes for the Micro Access Deck adapter kit,” Williams said.

The new Genie Micro Access Deck Kit will be available to customers in ANSI markets this month, with availability in other regions to be announced at a later date.

Micro Access Deck<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Genie

Source: Genie