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Getting to know the wastebox — a flexible platform for construction waste disposal

LECTURA Press questioned Ralf Mittermayr and the wastebox team about bauma 2019, service, ecology, expansion, competition and much more.

Were you satisfied with the construction machinery trade fair bauma 2019? Did it meet your expectations?


Yes! The fair was a great success for us. We met interesting people from various companies, and we got a very good feedback from the construction companies as well as disposal firms. Especially wastebox Germany could acquire several new customers.

However, these large events cost the companies a lot of money. What is your opinion on future trade fairs and exhibitions in terms of the financial side? Could the companies come up with new presenting strategies or would the trade fairs still play a key role?

Trade fairs will always be one of the important sales channels but not the only one. You have to think multi-channel – in analogue and digital terms. Of course, every participation needs to be evaluated carefully and the success needs to be measured with a set of predefined KPIs. How to reach the target audience in the best way is an ongoing challenge for Marketing and Sales.

Your company offers quite unique service. Could you briefly describe it?

The digital platform and app were developed by Saubermacher AG themselves and launched in Austria in 2016. The innovative online service integrates construction firms and disposal companies quickly and easily via smartphones and offers all of the benefits of a state-of-the-art online service, such as communication in real time, complete transparency and key figures at the press of a button. The innovation for Android and iOS is used primarily in the construction industry and has very quickly become a successful service in the Austrian market. To facilitate the quick development of the app in close collaboration with customers, Saubermacher’s internal Smart Service Team was turned into a separate company called Pink Robin GmbH in early 2017. Further details can be found at

In other words: wastebox is UBER for construction and demolition waste and firms benefit from a one stop solution, real time and transparency and have the possibility to connect via interface to their internal IT systems. Therefore, wastebox is the easiest way to get rid of waste.

Recently, the ecology has been a hot topic as the general public frequently discusses important matters such as the marine pollution, trying to find reliable solutions. How do you approach this topic? Where does the waste that you collect ends?

All our disposal partners are audited and have to fulfil all legal obligations. Our system allows customers to follow the waste stream and gives full transparency where the recycling/ disposal takes place. By the way, Saubermacher was rated to the most sustainable waste management company in the world (GRESB 2018) and it is in our DNA to work for an environment worth living in!

Where can the customers use your service right now (countries/regions) and where would you like to expand?

Currently customers can use our service in Austria, Germany and France. We are planning to expand our system to other European countries and are in intensive discussions with global partners outside of the EU.

Offering an unusual service, I can hardly imagine there is a direct competition for you, isn’t it? Nevertheless, it can be inspirational to have a rival. Where do the ideas for innovations and product upgrades come from?

To operate a digital platform for C&D waste is unique. Our inhouse development team is intensively working on the advancement of our system. One key stream for innovation are our customers and partners. We receive a lot of feedback, which allows us to develop a solution that is very close to the market needs. In parallel, we are of course also intensively monitoring trends and developments – not only from the C&D side but also from other platform operators and the IT industry.

Your company logo and the usage of magenta colour reminds me a little bit of the T-Mobile logo. Does it have any hidden meaning or symbolism?

Magenta and the construction industry/ waste management industry - not the most obvious connection. When developing the system, we wanted to create something new and fresh which differentiates us from other (typical) waste management companies. So, no hidden symbolism.

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Company overview is a smart online platform for construction waste disposal, developed by Saubermacher AG and launched in Austria in 2016. The suppliers and customers are connected through wastebox digital platform in real time, which allows them to organize the waste disposal via smartphone. The service is currently available in Germany, Austria and France.

Source: LECTURA Verlag GmbH; Patrik Eder

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