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As customers strive for increasingly efficient, environmentally sustainable vehicles and machinery to meet the demands of a crowded planet, GKN Land Systems continues to innovate in the off-highway sector.  The power management solutions and services provider leads the market in the design of technologically advanced systems to meet these needs.


With a wide portfolio of integrated electro-mechanical PowerTrain components, products and systems that transfer energy from Power Source to Power Applied, GKN Land Systems has the capability to deliver complex solutions to customers for harvesting crops, moving earth, mining resources, handling materials and capturing natural energy.  At the heart of its business are product and technical innovations to meet new and emerging market applications, with a rapidly expanding capability for electric and hybrid drives.

From Power Source to Power Applied
GKN Land Systems continues to evolve in line with changing market conditions and has realigned its business to present one voice to the customer.  The family now includes solutions for couplings, clutches, gearboxes, driveshafts, brakes, controls, wheels, hubs and spindles to transmit and control power with optimized efficiency.  The range is further supported by the addition of the Stromag industrial market product portfolio.

As the business strives to be the best at what it does, positioning itself close to customers, partnering with leading OEMs remains crucial. This combination enables GKN Land Systems to maintain its offering of comprehensive engineered solutions from Power Source to Power Applied in a concentrated manner.

Being part of the wider GKN plc organization allows technologies in both automotive and aerospace to be adopted and adapted to the off-highway market to improve vehicle and machine effectiveness. 

Innovation for construction, mining and utility
As vehicle manufacturers in the heavy construction market desire new technologies that can bring greater fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions, electrification is fast becoming a key global trend.  GKN Land Systems will be showcasing its new product development in the electric and hybrid vehicles arena at Conexpo 2014.

A range of electric motors has been developed by GKN Land Systems ideally suited to in-hub off-highway electric applications which hold the promise of greater efficiency and improved functionality. Focusing on efficiency and performance, GKN’s electric drive technology delivers high torque and high power density through the development of axial flux, AF-130 phase, permanent magnet, synchronous motors.

The motors are currently available in four sizes delivering power from 68kW to 188kW continuous (with peak power up to 400kW) and torques from 145Nm to 520Nm (with a peak torque of 1200Nm). In addition to power-related advantages, such as the improved process efficiency of machines and implements, electric drive systems provide significant environmental benefits. Outstanding use can be made of alternative and more sustainable energy sources and the CO2 emissions of mobile machines are significantly reduced.

Elsewhere with the GKN Land Systems family, the GKN Rockford’s portfolio of Mechanics Series® drivelines and universal joints, which incorporate patented Mechanics® technology, offer a complete range of sizes for off-highway equipment or applications.

Service Reduction
GKN Rockford® products offer superior value through extensive design and application engineering expertise, advanced logistics and high levels of customer service to withstand the requirements of today's more powerful engines and transmissions. Each Universal Joint for example is specially designed to facilitate field or shop servicing, making u-joint removal and replacement simpler, faster and cleaner.

The new inverted slip design range of 3C-10C driveshafts launched here at the show is no exception with features and benefits to offer significant advantages to customers in the off-highway market. These improvements will reduce the need for servicing and maintenance, and maximize uptime and productivity.

Progressive innovation, for example the patented Mechanics® Seal technology, has already proven its worth on some of the most difficult terrain for automotive engineering, including mining, building construction and civil engineering and forestry (off-highway). Increases in torque capacity and service life results in longer operating times, shorter downtimes and ultimately, higher profit margins for the operator.

Going Large
Exhibiting its high capacity solutions for the first time, GKN Land Systems can now supply fully integrated wheel, hub and spindle designs that have been manufactured and performance-verified using both engineering modelling and live product testing. The ability to offer complete systems to the highest standards, from a single source, and in a comprehensive range of load from 1,000 to 50,000lbs, provides the business with the flexibility required to produce fully tested, reliable designs quickly and to the highest possible standards. 

Two new “Pull – Behind” pan scrapers have been under development this year by a leading OE who also plans to introduce a 203 yd. unit and a 243 yd. unit next year. All will utilize GKN hubs, spindle and wheels designs, rated for a nominal capacity of 50,000 lbs. (22,680 Kg). The designs being provided are a step change from the style of hubs previously used and the OE’s machine at the show will incorporate these new higher load capacity hubs for the first time.

New product in the transmission systems segment - ICVD increases system efficiency

In the field of driveline systems, GKN Land Systems will for the first time be presenting the continuously variable, hydrostatic ICVD drive with additional, automatic axle disconnection. This new transmission technology makes it possible to increase the system efficiency of wheeled loaders and telehandlers, for example, while at the same time reducing tyre wear and energy consumption.

A Swift Change
Changing or rotating a tire assembly on a construction machine can be challenging and time consuming. With the Swift Change Rim, tire removal is significantly faster than with standard rims ensuring machine downtime is minimized, and this will feature at Conexpo for the first time.

Designed at GKN’s Technology Centre in North America, the Swift Change design enables tires from 51” to 63” rim to be changed without removing the outer or inner wheel assembly arrangement meaning a time saving and safer operation.

Continued operational excellence
By working with a shared goal to create innovative solutions for its customers, GKN Land Systems will continue to strengthen its capabilities in tandem with investment in sales offices, manufacturing locations and R&D facilities.  Growth and development in country giants such as China and other emerging economies will be instrumental in this endeavor.

GKN’s expert engineers welcome dealers, customers and visitors to the stand, North Hall, Booth # 10666, to discuss the benefits of a total engineering capability, design, simulation and testing, all from a single manufacturer. 

Further information of the new products is available on the Internet at