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Higher yield with partial field cultivation

In the rarest of cases, agricultural land has a uniform soil quality. With this agronomic background, precision farming is becoming more and more important.


The base for a successful harvest is laid in spring with the seeding season. To maximise the yield, an optimum adaption to the different ground conditions unavoidable. The precision farming on the basis of application maps (also called VRC = Variable Rate Control) ensures that the agricultural areas receive exactly the amounts of fertiliser and planting material to ensure a yield-maximised harvest. Also it protects the soil structure, as over- or under fertilisation is avoided. That saves fertiliser and pesticides as well as seed. In addition a uniform size of the crop is reached.

When using application cards when planting potatoes, the planting distances in cm can be set variably over the entire width of the machine. In addition, the fertiliser quantity can be variably adjusted per kg/ha.

When using the mechanical precision seeder MATRIX and the VRC, the sowing distances per individual row as well as the number of pills per ha can be variably adjusted.

Source: GRIMME Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG