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Ingersoll Rand Adds 50 Percent More Assets to Air Compressor Rental Fleet, Helping Customers Maintain Uptime

Ingersoll Rand®, a global leader in compression technologies and services, has added 50 percent more compressed air rental equipment to its fleet in the U.S., Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. Ingersoll Rand rental equipment delivers reliable, temporary compressed air solutions for mid- to high-capacity manufacturing operations to keep critical processes up and running during emergencies or planned projects. The Ingersoll Rand rental fleet includes oil-free Class 0 and oil-flooded compressors ranging from 20 horsepower/15 kW to 400 horsepower/300 kW, as well as refrigerated and desiccant dryers.


“Ingersoll Rand is a true one stop shop for customers requiring any compressed air solutions, whether that is a permanent or temporary compressor or dryer,” said Eric Seidel, vice president of product management for compression technologies and services at Ingersoll Rand. “Our expansive rental fleet gives customers peace of mind when they face a system failure or when they require incremental compressed air systems due to peak demand.”

Maintenance service is included with all rentals, as well as Ingersoll Rand genuine parts including filters, lubricants, fluids, spare parts and consumables. Additionally, expertly trained Ingersoll Rand technicians manage the service, repair and maintenance of the compressed air rental assets.

Ingersoll Rand compressed air rental services provides solutions for:

  • Unexpected Equipment Failure: A rental solution helps to maintain the air capacity needed to keep a process operational while the issues with the current system are being addressed.

  • Planned Outages and Maintenance: During the system’s plant upgrades, renovations or maintenance, facilities can use rental equipment to maintain continuous operations. 

  • Seasonal Peak Demand: Temporary, incremental equipment can be used to fulfill special circumstances that require additional supply beyond the facility’s existing compressed air capacity.

  • Testing: Customers can use a rental to test a new product or temporarily run a production line.

  • Tight Capital Budgets: Renting equipment can minimize the demands on cash flow and provides a viable solution for customers who face emergencies and cannot afford an unplanned investment.



Ingersoll Rand systems engineers and technicians are available to work with customers to develop a contingency plan prior to a system failure to help reduce downtime and any financial losses by decreasing the time needed to identify, coordinate, connect and start temporary equipment. Contingency planning includes an evaluation of factors such as identifying weaknesses in the compressed air system, planning for scheduled maintenance and new equipment installation, determining the type of temporary equipment needed, assessing equipment location, detailing electrical connection requirements and identifying emergency contacts to allow the complete process to go smoothly, in the least amount of time.

“Downtime during equipment failure can be devastating to a business, and the contingency planning can help facilities prepare for the unexpected,” Seidel said. “Working with an Ingersoll Rand expert to create a contingency plan saves time and reduces downtime so rental equipment can be deployed quickly.”

Source: Ingersoll Rand


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