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Ingersoll Rand Expands Global Service Programs to Provide Customers with Three Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions

Ingersoll Rand®, a global leader in compression technologies and services, now offers three flexible service programs that give customers the opportunity to have expertly-trained Ingersoll Rand technicians oversee the service, repair and maintenance of all compressed air assets in their facilities. With all Ingersoll Rand CARE service programs now available in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and India, customers around the globe have a variety of service offerings available to fit their unique needs.


“Ingersoll Rand recognizes that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to service, so we are working closely with our customers on redefining the reliability of their critical compressed air systems and how this directly impacts their bottom line,” said Eric Seidel, vice president of product management for Compression Technologies and Services at Ingersoll Rand. “The CARE service programs allow customers to choose an option that fits the needs of their equipment and businesses. Whether customers prefer full-risk transfer or just need help with preventative maintenance, we have a proactive solution that works for them.”

The Ingersoll Rand CARE portfolio offers multiple levels of service options to meet a variety of customer needs. In addition, a ten-year extended coverage option is now available for compressor equipment and parts under select service levels. The portfolio includes the following options:

  • PackageCARE™ represents the greatest value to customers who want to manage their assets by transferring operational risk to Ingersoll Rand. Ingersoll Rand is responsible for scheduled maintenance, as well as using predictive and analytical tools to help prevent unexpected interruptions in customers’ production. Under the program, Ingersoll Rand service technicians proactively maintain and repair equipment to keep small issues from becoming big problems. PackageCARE allows both parties to do what each does best – Ingersoll Rand maintains the equipment and customers’ resources are free to manage their businesses. Coverage for up to 15 years is available for all new and in-service compressor equipment under the PackageCARE service plan.

  • PlannedCARE™ offers customers the option of sharing in the service responsibility. Under this program, Ingersoll Rand manages the preventative maintenance by scheduling and executing maintenance based on a schedule focused on preventative maintenance. By using Ingersoll Rand factory trained technicians, customers drastically reduce the possibility of unforeseen downtime and help ensure the uptime of their facilities. Five and ten-year extended coverage options are available for new oil-free and oil-flooded rotary screw compressors under the PlannedCARE service plan.

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    PartsCARE™ is designed for customers who can perform maintenance themselves, but realize the benefits of using genuine Ingersoll Rand parts for their equipment. In this program, customers receive the necessary consumable parts in regular shipments tailored to their annual equipment operation. With PartsCARE, Ingersoll Rand keeps track of the service requirements, and customers don’t have to worry about forgetting maintenance schedules that void a warranty. For compressors >37kW, the program also includes inspections and predictive diagnostics twice per year by Ingersoll Rand factory certified technicians to keep equipment running smoothly and prevent issues down the road. Customers with new oil-flooded rotary screw compressors registered under this program can qualify for five year extended coverage options.

“Unlike extended warranties, these service programs focus on reliability and proactively maintaining equipment, not just reactive coverage when something has already happened,” Seidel said. “The CARE service programs are designed for a variety of customer needs and operations, and help customers to reduce total cost of ownership throughout their equipment lifecycles.” 

Source: Ingersoll Rand


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