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"It´s reliable," says a farmer working with a GOLEM 540 roller

SMS CZ Europe
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  • Farmer František Jungvirt from the Czech Republic endorses the GOLEM 540 roller for its reliability and effectiveness in pasture cultivation and forage crop improvement.

  • The GOLEM 540, produced by Czech company SMS CZ, is touted as the largest meadow roller on the market, with a working width of 5.4 meters and versatile applications in meadow maintenance.

  • Jungvirt's GOLEM 540 is customized with three 20 mm thick smooth rollers suitable for hilly and rocky terrain, and features a 300-liter drill body and a double row of gates for reseeding and moss removal.

  • The GOLEM roller series includes the GOLEM 300 and GOLEM 540 models, with working widths of 3 and 5.4 meters respectively, and offers a range of attachments for different agricultural needs.

  • The GOLEM 540's design allows for water filling or emptying of the rollers to adjust weight, and it can be aggregated with a 165 hp Deutz-Fahr tractor for operation.

  • In addition to its robust construction, the GOLEM 540 offers ease of operation and a variety of attachments, including different cylinder wall thicknesses, a drill attachment, slope brake, flotation wheels, and various types of leveling sections.

The spring season also brings the need to pay attention to the condition of meadows and pastures. This means repairing the damage caused by black beasts over the winter, considering moss clearance, gentle watering and aeration of the soil, as well as possible reseeding. All these tasks can be carried out using the largest meadow roller on the market, the GOLEM from the Czech company SMS CZ. And because there is nothing like the experience of a farmer, we went to interview Mr. Jungvirt from the Czech Republic to find out how his GOLEM 540 helps him in his work and needs.

We visited Mr. Jungvirt, a private farmer farming 570 hectares of land at the Lipno reservoir in Bohemia near the Austrian border, full of anticipation of what feedback he would give us on his GOLEM 540 roller.

“I have been using the machine on the farm for more than four years and in that time I have not had to deal with any problems with it. It is a robust machine, simple to operate, which helps us to cultivate our pastures and improve the growth and condition of our forage crops,” begins František Jungvirt´s account of his experience with the GOLEM.



Together with his three workers, the farmer manages 570 ha of meadows and 200 cattle for meat. The farm is organic, i.e. it does not use any non-state fertilisers on its land.

“About five years ago, when I visited a neighbouring farming cooperative, I got the impression that the condition and quality of their forage was in better shape than mine. I found out that they were using meadow rollers to maintain their pastures. From this discovery, it was then a quick journey to find a manufacturer of these machines and get quotes. After discussions with representatives from SMS CZ s.r.o., I decided to purchase their GOLEM 540 model. And I have to say that the condition and quality of the pastures and the forage itself has improved with its purchase,” says Jungvirt.


When selecting the machines, the farmer was interested in the practical use of the machine, i.e. what he would get besides rolling the soil with the machine and at what price. In the end, the winner was the GOLEM.

“With a working width of 5.4 m, we have a machine that will take care of our acres quickly. I also like the fact that we can not only use the machine for rolling, but with the mower we can also reseed and restore pastures and brush out moss without disturbing the surface,” explains Jungvirt and continues. GOLEM helps us with this perfectly.


Mr. Jungwirth´s machine is equipped with three classic smooth rollers of 20 mm thickness due to the hilly and rocky terrain. The thick-walled design protects the rollers from damage. In addition, the rollers can be recharged with water or lightened by dropping it, as required.

The Farmer´s machine is equipped with a 300 litre drill body as well as a double row of gates with a fixed skid bar. The height of the bar is mechanically adjusted by the machine operator, but a hydraulically adjustable version is available on request. The GOLEM roller from Bohemia are aggregated with a 165 hp Deutz-Fahr tractor.


“In four years we have only dealt with one squeezed sowing hose, otherwise nothing. For me, he is a reliable holder,” concludes František Jungvirt.

GOLEM rollers are available in two versions - GOLEM 300 and GOLEM 540. The machines differ in working widths of 3 and 5.4 m. The narrower version is equipped with a single roller, while the GOLEM 540 is equipped with three. In the transport position, the machine hydraulically lifts the outermost two rollers perpendicular to the stand. The weight varies from 1.9 tonnes to 11.3 tonnes, depending on the need and the degree of cylinder loading. The machine is also popular for its wide range of attachments, from different cylinder wall thicknesses, drill attachment, slope brake, flotation wheels and various types of levelling sections. In short, these are the largest and heaviest rollers on the market, which are robustly constructed, durable and simple to operate.

Source: SMS CZ s.r.o.