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JCB unveils new one machine solution for roads maintenance

Backhoe loader world leader JCB is to introduce a 3CX Compact Highways Master – a one machine solution for roads and highways maintenance.


The brand new model has been designed to specifically meet the needs of highway contractors, local councils and rental businesses. Based on the popular 3CX Compact backhoe loader, the Highways Master has been developed over a three-year period with customers in the road maintenance industry.

As a result, the Highways Master is a solution that has been driven by the sector, offering industry-first features designed to transform traditional highway maintenance operations in terms of safety, productivity and versatility.

The Highways Master is differentiated with a dedicated white with red chevrons livery, complete with Chapter 8 safety decals. The machine will be equipped with a skid steer loader quick hitch on the front loader arms and a SMART attachment integration system, to make it easy to carry out a range of tasks with buckets and a wide variety of specialist attachments. The SMART system allows automatic switchover of the machine’s electronics, to suit some third-party attachment operating systems, for maximum versatility.

The increased adaptability has been matched by enhanced hydraulic power, as the front loader auxiliary lines now deliver 120 litres/min of high flow hydraulic power, up from 70 litres/min on the standard 3CX Compact, to operate larger 600mm road planer attachments. This allows the machine to be used for larger resurfacing works, replacing stand alone, dedicated 0.35-0.5m road planing equipment and other equipment.

An optional hydraulic quick hitch on the rear boom also allows rapid changeover between attachments. The machine will offer customers a safer two-in-one road planing solution, as the only model on the market that can be readily deployed for road planing applications with a 300mm rear as well as a 600mm front planer attachment. Standard Powerslide side-shifting capability at the rear also allows the operator to mill a square patch without having to reposition the machine - an industry first feature enabling a cross cut within a single carriageway without requiring manual hand tools. In addition, depth control will improve operator accuracy and productivity.

The Highways Master will come with integrated water tanks to provide dust suppression, to both the front loader or the backhoe attachment, automatically engaging to suppress dust and maximise longevity of consumables while sweeping or milling. A simple seven-in-one single front multifunction joystick makes it easy to control functionality of attachments on the loader arms.

The 3CX Compact Highways Master is equipped with auto two and four-wheel steering, at the touch of a button, for maximum manoeuvrability in tight site conditions. The machine is also supplied with Vari Speed PRO, providing independent and constant flow to the attachment, while maintaining a fixed hydrostatic travel speed. This is particularly useful for planing and other high-flow attachment operations that require higher engine rpm with steady travel speeds, for consistent productivity in tough applications.

An optional external emergency stop button is fitted to the rear wing, to allow operatives outside the backhoe loader to halt the machine if required. The Highways Master also comes as standard with a periscope mirror, to enhance front loader visibility alongside front and rear view cameras and a tow hitch under the chassis to allow the machine to tow a trailer to site.

The 3CX Compact Highways Master is a dedicated one-machine solution for roads and highways maintenance operations, offering a highly productive, mobile machine with enhanced safety, performance and control for the operator. It delivers a highly adaptable solution for contractors and local authorities, capable of delivering maximum utilisation and return on investment.

Source: JCB