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Networking with freight exchanges for efficient disposition in freight transport

At the transport logistic in Munich, Krone will show the networking of its Krone Telematics with freight exchanges. In freight exchanges, freight forwarders, as providers of cargo space, come together with freight providers and negotiate the transport of goods.

With the help of Krone Smart Capacity Management, freight forwarders utilize their fleets because locations and goods are linked to form optimal route suggestions. Freight exchanges receive the provider information from Krone Smart Capacity Management and provide the dispatcher with the cargo suggestions in the Krone Telematics Portal.

Krone Smart Capacity Management supports freight forwarders in the physical networking with digital freight exchanges. By networking the trailer with the freight exchange, Krone brings the freight into the trailer.

Advantages of Krone Smart Capacity Management:

  • Automated comparison of the freight and order pool of the freight exchange

  • Avoidance of empty runs and unused floor space

  • Maximum vehicle utilisation

  • Reduced workload for dispatchers

  • maximum vehicle utilisation

  • more transport efficiency


Source: Krone