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JOSKIN CONFIGURATOR: Choosing a Livestock Trailer or Meadow Aerator Has Never Been so Easy!

Betimax configurator - meadow
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Betimax configurator - meadow


Driven by a desire to meet the needs of its customers in all circumstances, JOSKIN continues its digital development. After a completely updated and more intuitive website, the digitalisation of its showroom and the virtual tour of its various production sites, JOSKIN sustains its momentum and now offers an online configurator for the livestock trailers and meadow aerators. 

For a short time now, each farmer has been able to configure the livestock trailer or meadow aerator of his/her choice thanks to a brand new configurator.

Betimax configurator

In just a few clicks, this new JOSKIN tool allows anyone to customise his/her own machine. A wide range of options and descriptions are available to find the configuration that best suits each specific need. Once the process is finalised, a gross price is automatically generated. The user can then download the complete documentation for his/her configuration and contact the JOSKIN dealer of his/her choice to get more information about the product and the price to be paid.

Scariflex configurator

This online configurator is the first of a long series that will be based on a selection from the JOSKIN price list in order to centralise the interests and pieces of equipment of different ranges. Just like the livestock trailers and aerators in this first version, it will be possible to configure all the machines in the JOSKIN range in a simple, efficient and transparent way.

Source: Secretariat JOSKIN