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Kronos to unveil a brand new large forest loader at FinnMETKO 2016

Kronos is unveiling its brand new Gripto 1010 forest loader at the FinnMETKO 2016 exhibition in Jämsänkoski, Finland. The new loader is a clean-sheet design based on customer wishes. With 10 metres of outreach and 630 kilos of lift capacity, the Gripto 1010 is the largest loader model ever manufactured by Kronos.


“Our new Gripto loader is suitable for even the toughest contracting tasks. The design priorities have been usability, serviceability and reliability,” says Kronos CEO Michael Johansson.

Usability is enhanced above all by the record outreach, lift capacity and torque. The hydraulic hoses and pipes are the biggest in this size category, allowing the extension to be moved both inwards and outwards at the same speed. The innovative design also enables a very low kunckle boom, while the new Finnish control system allows the operator to make even more precise settings.

Special attention has been paid to serviceability. All slide pads are the same size, the grease fittings are easily accessible, and the hoses are easy to replace when needed, as they are also well protected by the new design of the braked link, for example.

Kronos is traditionally known for its first-class materials. The new Gripto loader is no exception, as it is made from SSAB Strenx 700 high-strength structural steel.

The Gripto is now in the prototype phase and has passed all tests so far with excellent results. The test programme will continue into the winter, and deliveries of the new loader will begin in spring 2017. The new Gripto 1010 will also serve as the basis for the design of other new loader models.