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What is Strenx?

My Inner Strenx


Become stronger and more successful with Strenx™ steel products.

My Inner Strenx™ is a program for manufacturers who possess the drive to make the best possible products using Strenx™ steel. It’s also a way for operators and end users to identify producers and products made with superior steel and quality-controlled production techniques for their demanding applications.

A sign of quality

Although anyone can buy a product branded with My Inner Strenx, not just anyone can make such a product.

So, when you see the My Inner Strenx product logo you can be sure it was manufactured to the highest standards by a qualified program member. All members have been thoroughly assessed to earn the right to display their sticker. Once a company becomes a member, it must continue to maintain and uphold stringent professional criteria.

Kronos new Gripto loader is made of SSAB´s high-performance structural steel called Strenx. Kronos is the first crane manufacturer in Finland to use this material. Kronos passed SSAB´s audition and a certificate was handed to Kronos at the FinnMetko exhibition in Finland.