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Launch of a new Manitou scissor lifts range

Manitou SE0808
Manitou Europe, International
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Manitou SE0808


  • Manitou Group announces the launch of a new range of scissor lifts, including models SE 0808, SE 1008, and an upcoming SE 1212, aiming to strengthen its position in the aerial work platform market.

  • The new scissor lifts are designed with Manitou's high-quality standards, featuring two efficient AC motors for greater autonomy and maintenance-free operation, reducing ownership costs.

  • Targeted for use on flat, stabilized surfaces, these models cater to a wide array of industrial maintenance and finishing tasks, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Operator-friendly features include an intuitive control panel, a full-height gate for safe entry and exit, an extendable sliding floor for extra space, and integrated diagnostics with a color screen for enhanced machine communication.

  • The scissor lifts are equipped with side sheaths for quick and safe transportation, emphasizing ease of loading and unloading.

  • Manitou plans to distribute these models across Europe through its 350-strong dealer network starting April, with plans to expand distribution beyond Europe by 2025.

Manitou Group, a world reference in the handling, aerial work platform and earth moving sectors, has announced the launch of a new range of scissor lifts. The Group’s objective is to offer innovative models in the most important segment of the market, and thus provide a complete range of self-propelled aerial work platforms.


As one of the European leaders in the aerial work platform market, with a wide range of articulated and telescopic models, Manitou Group is expanding its range with the launch of new scissor lifts. With two models, the SE 0808 and SE 1008, with working heights of 8 m and 10 m, respectively, this range will be extended to include a 12 m model (SE 1212) later in the year. These machines are born out of the Group’s expertise in innovative, safe equipment that enhances user performance.

Samuel Viaud, Product Manager for Manitou Group’s scissor lift range, explains: “All three models benefit from Manitou’s renowned quality standards. We have big ambitions in the scissor market, where demand is very strong. As a reminder, industrial “scissor” models account for nearly 60% of the global aerial work platform market!”

Entirely designed by the Manitou Group’s design department with a low cost of ownership, these three models feature high-quality components. Two highly efficient AC motors, combined with a lighter weight, ensure greater machine autonomy. They are maintenance-free for their entire service life, greatly reducing servicing costs. These models are designed to operate on flat, stabilized ground, both indoors and outdoors. The scissor lifts meet a wide range of needs: industrial maintenance and finishing work (electrical, plumbing, installation of fire protection systems, etc.).

This range has been designed to make it easy for the operator to get to grips with, thanks to a streamlined, intuitive control panel. A full-height gate and two handles attached to the machine ensure safe ascent and descent. The operator also benefits from an extendable sliding floor and an extra 90 cm of space, giving a total basket length of 2.54 m. To facilitate communication between the machine and the operator or technician, this connected range features integrated diagnostics and a color screen that provides information on safety, battery consumption, and maintenance. These machines are equipped with side sheaths that allow them to be moved quickly, facilitating safe loading and unloading of trucks.

These models will be delivered throughout Europe from April onwards via Manitou’s 350-strong dealer network, which will also support the after-sales service to provide customers with the best possible support. The range will evolve by 2025, with distribution extending beyond Europe.

Manitou SE0808<br>IMAGE SOURCE: Manitou

Source: Manitou