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Liebherr-LTR 1220 extends the Range of Telescopic Crawler Cranes



The 2013 Bauma will be the first trade fair appearance of the new telescopic crawler crane LTR 1220. Liebherr is extending its telescopic crawler crane product range by this 220-tonner.

The new LTR 1220 offers a maximum load capacity of 220 tonnes and a telescopic boom 60 metres long, which means it out distances any telescopic crawler cranes offered by the competition both with regard to load capacity and boom length. The Liebherr series of telescopic crawler cranes now consists of the LTR 1060 with a maximum load capacity of 60 tonnes, the 100-tonner LTR 1100, the new LTR 1220, and the 1,200-tonne LTR 11200 heavy lift crane with the narrow crawler travel gear, which can travel fully equipped on narrow trackways and so making it the ideal choice, for example, for economical operations in the windfarm sector.

High flexibility and good off-road capability

The LTR 1220 combines the advantages of a telescopic crane with those of a crawler crane. The crawler travel gear provides excellent off-road capacity and superb manoeuvrability, as well as allowing the crane to travel under full load. The advantages of a telescopic crane over a lattice boom crane are the short set-up times, easier transport, and the variability of the boom system. The telescopic boom is extended or retracted fully automatically and rapidly to the desired length, allowing it, for example, to pass easily beneath obstacles. The LTR 1220 also provides the advantage that heavy loads can be telescoped with the boom, which in principle is not possible with lattice boom cranes.

And because a crawler crane, unlike a mobile crane, does not need to be supported, it can be rapidly set up on site and can go into action immediately.

Long boom, high performance, wide range of applications

In terms of design, the 60 metre telescopic boom is derived from the tried and trusted LTM 1220-5.2 mobile crane, and with the Liebherr Telematik telescoping system it can be extended fully automatically to the desired length. The telescopic boom can be extended by a biparted swing-away jib, 12.2 to 22.2 metres long, which can be lengthened still further by means of two 7-metre lattice sections. As well as this, a 7-metre lattice section is also available, which is fitted between the telescopic boom and the swing-away jib, in order to raise the connection point of the jib, capable of being luffed by up to 45°. As an option, the swing-away jib can also be adjusted hydraulically. Under full load, the jib can be moved between 0° and 45°. Operators of the LTM 1220-5.2 mobile crane can also use existing equipment elements on the new 220-tonne telescopic crawler crane.

The travel gear of the LTR 1220 can be hydraulically telescoped out from the crawler carrier width of 4.5 metres to the intermediate width of 5.88 metres or the maximum width of 7.25 metres. Load tables are provided in the LICCON control system for all three crawler widths. On uneven ground the LTR 1220 can even operate with side inclination angles of up to 4°, likewise secured by the LICCON control system.

The new 220-tonne Liebherr telescopic crawler crane is powered by a seven-cylinder in-line Diesel engine, which provides a capacity of 230 kW/312 HP and torque of 1300 Nm. The hoist gears provide a high cable pull of 105 kN, which means rapid operational sequences can be ensured.

One main area of use for the LTR 1220 telescopic crawler crane is the installation of prefabricated components. With an erection jib 3.4 metres long and the second hoist gear, installation work can be carried out in two-hook operation. As well as this, it is ideally suited as an auxiliary crane in the installation of windpower systems, and for the handling of windpower components. The new LTR 1220 also provides major advantages on long-term construction sites in the energy sector or on infrastructure projects.

Economical transport and assembly

The basic machine, with crawler carriers one metre wide, weighs in at about 90 tonnes and has a minimum overall width of 5.01 metres. Without crawler carriers, the unit weighs about 54 tonnes, including the jack-up cylinders and the transverse beams, and is only 3 metres wide and 3.2 metres high. By removing the transverse beams, the weight can be reduced still further, to about 47 tonnes, which means that economical transport is guaranteed even in areas with restrictive weight regulations. The crane is capable of assembling itself. The basic unit is driven to the site on a low-loader, and then supports itself on the jack-up cylinders. Central ballast, transverse beams, crawler carriers, and superstructure ballast are installed without any need for an auxiliary crane.

The 1,000 mm wide crawler tracks are fitted as standard with two-bar crawler shoes. Two suspended blocks, each weighing 10 tonnes, are secured to the crawler centre section to serve as central ballast, and maximum ballast on the slew superstructure is 70 tonnes.

Modern crane control system with remote operation

The LTR 1220 makes use of the new Liebherr LICCON2 crane control system. In comparison with the previous system, this offers even greater operating ease and convenience, thanks to additional application possibilities. For set-up functions, a mobile multifunctional operating and display unit is provided, the Bluetooth-Terminal, “BTT“. This allows, among other things, for the actuation of the jack-up cylinder and the adjustment of the track width of the crawler carriers to be adjusted quickly and very conveniently.

The new LICCON2 Liebherr mobile crane control system also offers the possibility of a simple, and therefore economical, extension to complete radio remote control of the crane. All that is needed in the crane, apart from the appropriate software, is a console with two master switches, into which the existing BTT is plugged. The console can also be used for other cranes with LICCON2 control and which are programmed for radio remote control.

With the remote control on the LTR 1220, as well as the complete operation of all the crane movements, the crawler chassis travel can also be controlled. The unrestricted view of the crane and the load mean that safety and convenience of operation can now be improved even further.

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