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Mercedes-Benz Trucks: The new Arocs with Multimedia Cockpit - a tailor-made solution for every vehicle body

  • In keeping with the times, various body-specific functions can be controlled by the Multimedia Cockpit touchscreen

  • Tailor-made for a wide variety of vehicle bodies: individual configuration of switches and displays

  • Camera integration possible via the Multimedia Cockpit

  • More installation space thanks to an upright exhaust aftertreatment system

The new Arocs remains true to its virtues, and continues to excel with power, robustness and efficiency. At the same time the Mercedes-Benz Trucks flagship for construction operations offers digital applications for the construction sector. Above all, the Arocs's already existing ability to accommodate to bodybuilders has been improved even further. For example, individual body control functions that are not relevant to safety can be integrated into the Multimedia Cockpit of the new Arocs. This brings a number of advantages for bodybuilders, drivers and transport operators.

The displays in the Multimedia Cockpit show body functions and virtual switches act as supplementary controls


The Multimedia Cockpit of the new Arocs consisting of two digital displays replaces the classic instrument cluster and supplements the switch control panel in the dashboard. The high-resolution primary colour display behind the steering wheel clearly shows all the vehicle information plus driving and operating statuses. If an implement or mounted body is in operation, this is shown symbolically by indicator lamps in the primary display. In addition pop-up windows can give the driver warnings, and up to ten messages can be configured. The pop-ups consist of a symbol and an information text. Potential messages might be "Transmission fault in the vehicle body", "Fault in the trailer coupling", "Body oil temperature too high" or "Body service required".

The second display of the Multimedia Cockpit with touchscreen operation is located in the dashboard. For the convenient integration of non safety-related body functions, up to eight individually selectable, virtual switches can be accommodated here. The corresponding symbols can be chosen from a range of more than 130 templates. Furthermore, it is still possible to assign functions to the classic switches in the control panel directly below the secondary display. Should the number of connectors provided here be insufficient, an additional control panel in the cup holder can be ordered as special equipment.

The body indicator lamps can be individually assigned without any major effort

Another advantage of technical integration into the Multimedia Cockpit of the new Arocs: in order to represent corresponding symbols desired by the bodybuilder, it is now no longer necessary to disassemble the instrument cluster. The symbols can be very easily configured from a vehicle library by a service partner, using so-called XENTRY diagnosis. Up to five indicator lamps can be freely selected for the primary display of the Multimedia Cockpit. In this case the lamps show the operating status of the vehicle body – for example whether the body-mounted headlamps are switched on, or the support legs for a crane have been extended.

The secondary display of the Multimedia Cockpit is able to show the images from up to four cameras

If there is no banksman on a construction site, many of the bodies mounted on construction vehicles can only be safely operated from the cab if their radius of action is precisely monitored by cameras. In the new Arocs this does not usually require the installation of additional screens. Instead up to four cameras can transmit their images to the secondary display of the Multimedia Cockpit. The driver can choose between different viewing modes and, for example, only have the full-screen image shown that is currently of interest.

In a nutshell: in the new Arocs, the vehicle body and the Multimedia Cockpit work hand in hand. Pre-installation solutions that can be customised provide the driver with more information than previously. It is possible to continue using the mechanical switches controlling body functions, or they can be replaced by virtual switches that are conveniently and intuitively controlled. Moreover, this reduces the wiring requirement in the new Arocs, i.e. further wiring to the switch control panel in the dashboard is unnecessary.

More installation space on the frame thanks to an upright exhaust system

The ability of the new Arocs to accommodate to bodybuilders with regard to "hardware" has also been further improved. For example, a vertical exhaust system is now available ex factory for all four-axle vehicles. This creates additional installation space for equipment mounted on the side of the frame, e.g. for additional fuel tanks or stowage boxes. Another advantage of these solutions compared to the previous, side-mounted exhaust system, where only the exhaust pipe itself is upright, is reduced weight. With the new, side-mounted exhaust system, it is possible to realise a space-saving solution for the standard exhaust.

Time and quality benefits thanks to Mercedes-Benz Bodybuilder Management

Mercedes-Benz Trucks also ensures the versatility of the new Arocs in its wide range of applications by taking the needs of bodybuilders into account during the development of the Arocs. So-called "Qualified Partners" in the bodybuilder segment undertake to maintain certain quality standards in keeping with the Mercedes-Benz brand where service is concerned, including the supply of parts and parts documentation. In return they are given access to design data which saves time and improves quality when the desired vehicle body is realised. 

Source: Daimler AG