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Metso launches Nordwheeler portable crusher for manufactured sand production

Metso launches Nordwheeler portable crusher for manufactured sand production
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Metso launches Nordwheeler portable crusher for manufactured sand production


  • Metso introduces the NW8HRC, a new portable high pressure grinding roll (HPGR) crusher in its Nordwheeler™ NW Rapid™ range, designed for manufactured sand production.

  • The NW8HRC is highlighted for its sustainability, consuming up to 50% less power than other technologies for the same net product volume, and is part of Metso's Planet Positive offering.

  • The portable HRC 8™ crusher can transform quarry waste into sellable products and produce high-quality sand that can replace natural sand in concrete production.

  • The Nordwheeler portable plants, including the NW8HRC, are electrically powered and designed for easy relocation without the need for heavy concrete foundations, enhancing their appeal for short-term crushing projects.

  • Metso's NW Rapid range expands with five additional new portable crushers (NW300GP, NW300HP, NW330GP, NW7150, and NW9100) featuring Nordberg® and Barmac crusher technologies for effective secondary and tertiary crushing.

  • The new models incorporate the IC™ process control system for intelligent automation, optimizing crushing efficiency and allowing for full remote control, thereby increasing productivity and ensuring consistency in the end product.

In response to the growing demand for sustainability, process flexibility and higher capacity, Metso’s Nordwheeler™ NW Rapid™ range expands with the new NW8HRC that is the first portable HRC 8™ crusher for manufactured sand.


“We are proud to be the first global aggregates equipment manufacturer to launch a portable high pressure grinding roll (HPGR) crusher for sand manufacturing. Nordwheeler with HRC 8™ is one of the most efficient crushers for producing manufactured sand, offering a more sustainable solution since manufactured sand can be used to replace the scarce natural sand in concrete production,“ says Renaud Lapointe, Senior Vice President, Metso products of the Aggregates business area.

HRC 8 is a part of Metso’s Planet Positive offering. It consumes up to 50% less power than any other technology in the same application to obtain the same net product volume.

“The HRC crusher can convert quarry waste into a sellable product. Further, the HRC crusher produces excellent quality sand that can substitute natural sand from natural deposits,“ he continues. “Now on a wheel-mounted chassis, the HRC can be relocated within the site or towed to a new crushing plant for re-crushing the waste piles.”

Nordwheeler portable plants are powered by electricity, and they can be set up without heavy concrete foundations. In many countries, the ability to relocate the entire plant means that it is easier to get crushing permits, which makes the plants a desirable choice for 1-2 years periodical crushing projects for example in the construction of dams, airports and roads.

In addition to NW8HRC, Nordwheeler NW Rapid range is expanding with five new portable crushers. The models are designed on the proven Nordberg® and Barmac crusher technologies for effective secondary and tertiary crushing. The new models are NW300GP, NW300HP, NW330GP, NW7150 and NW9100. All the new portable crushers are designed to fit in standard transportation dimensions, making towing them to a new site easier than ever. At the site they are quick to set up with on-board equipment and hydraulic options.

“Our new models feature a crusher without an integrated screen on the same chassis, which increases the flexibility of plant design and makes it easier for aggregate producers to adapt to changing end-product requirements”, says Jarno Pohja, Director, Portable Solutions, Aggregates business area at Metso. “The Nordwheeler portable plants also feature IC™ process control system. Intelligent automation optimizes crushing efficiency and offers the ability for full remote control of the machines. Automatic process control increases productivity, improves quality, and adds consistency to the end product,” he continues.

The new units offer up to 500 tons per hour capacity, making the Nordwheeler portable plants available also for aggregate producers and contractors handling higher volumes.

Source: Metso