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Much more than just super-lightweight van racking

he bott vario3 in-vehicle equipment
bott Europe
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he bott vario3 in-vehicle equipment

bott vario3 stands out particularly because it is so much more than just super-lightweight van racking. The innovative light engineered in-vehicle equipment, a totally new development, offers tradesmen and service technicians perfect options for organising the tools of their trade. Bott has also integrated newly developed practical elements for quick and easy load restraint.

Lighter than ever


The low weight of bott vario3 saves a lot of fuel. With the new construction method, the Bott developers have managed to make the aluminium in-vehicle equipment 15% lighter than the previous generation.

Bott has solved the problem of stabilising the in-vehicle equipment by using specially developed, innovative extruded aluminium profiles. These elaborately manufactured profiles have a positive impact on the racking's behaviour in the event of a rear-end collision: They twist without losing their shape too much and perfectly withstand strong impacts. Bott therefore ensures optimum driver and passenger safety – despite the equipment's low weight.

More variable than ever

The new dimensions of the bott vario3 in-vehicle equipment system offer even more variability when it comes to tool organisation. Bott utilises the van's interior even better – not even the tiniest bit of space is wasted. The load space can even comfortably hold a pallet, as the end frames can be designed to overhang from a certain height upwards. The rack overhang  means that the two units are further apart at the top than they are at floor level. The wider rack depth of the in-vehicle equipment's upper area provides plenty of room for drawers and cases.

bott vario3 impresses with many new clever solutions. The most important of these is the fully compatible Systainer³ case system. It was developed by Bott in cooperation with its partners Festool and TANOS  to make the everyday working lives of the professional users even easier. With the Systainer³ , all machines, tools and consumables can be perfectly integrated into the bott vario3 in-vehicle equipment and are quickly on hand.

The Systainer³product family's newly developed small parts case, the Organizer, has a transparent lid. It can be equipped with the various small parts storage boxes offered by Bott, and is available in two different widths. Both cases, the Systainer³ as well as the Organizer, feature integrated drawer runners. Thanks to these, they can be stowed away in the rack in an easy, tidy and safe way.

With the standard Systainer³ packing and transport system, everything can be stored away tidily, perfectly organised and safely, at the workshop as well as in the van at the assignment location. The Systainer³ range is completed by many different transport options and mobile workbenches. The Systainer³ case system is available in two different widths and six case heights. With the T-Loc element, all Systainer³ can be connected to each other in seconds for carrying.

Other innovations such as the new varioSlide plastic drawer offer attractive tool storage possibilities. The light aluminium and plastic drawer is equipped with an ergonomic handle and can be pulled out completely from the in-vehicle equipment and carried to the assignment location. Dividers and an anti-slip mat ensure that the contents do not slide about when driving. The new V-Box at the rack end frame offers a practical option for storing a folding rule and small parts, for example. A great way to keep the most important things handy.

Safer than ever

All bott vario3 in-vehicle equipment is universally configurable and offers a wide range of load restraint options. The new, patented C-Lash system, which can be used to integrate lashing straps on racks and top trays, is particularly practical. It can be fastened and unfastened easily and quickly with just one hand.

The grooves that are integrated into the profiles of both in the vertical as well as the horizontal system components hold the C-Lash holders and load restraint fittings. Bott also continues to integrate the proven and widely used Airline system. Additional lashing eyes for lashing straps with Airline fittings can quickly and easily be integrated into the in-vehicle equipment's aluminium profiles.  bott vario3 is therefore flexible and variable.

Long poles and pipes are best stored in the new practical long item storage accessory with integrated winch. The material is stored safely and tidily, and can be pulled out effortlessly.

The bott vario3 in-vehicle equipment meets all relevant load restraint regulations, and its strength and safety has been tested in crash tests. Users are therefore always on the safe side, even in critical driving situations or in the event of an accident.

Proven features remain

The perforated wall system perfo makes it possible to attach hooks and tool holders anywhere on the bott vario3 in-vehicle equipment. All your material is arranged in a well-organised way.

On request, Bott can increase the in-vehicle equipment carrying capacity with an under floor solution. The false floor extends the system by drawers that are easily and ergonomically accessible from the outside. The under floor module offers effective anti-theft protection as it is not possible to see what the drawers contain from the outside.

Purchased outright, or leased?


Bott designs and plans the new bott vario3 van racking exactly according to the ideas and requirements of its customers. The Bott consultants deal with all of the necessary steps to ensure that the customer has to invest as little effort as possible into the purchase of their in-vehicle equipment. Bott supports its customers throughout all process stages, regardless of whether they intend to rely on own or third party financing for their purchase.

With a view to long-standing experience

Safety in critical traffic situations as well as long-term satisfaction with the in-vehicle equipment are the most important aspects for Bott. The company has gained specialist experience in the equipment of service vehicles over many years; not only since the 1990s, when it launched the bott vario on the market, but also for many years before that, when Bott still produced the betra in-vehicle equipment.

Source: Bott GmbH & Co. KG