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New CTE corporate video: the company backstage shows people, products and processes that create the cte brand value

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CTE corporate video

VIDEO SOURCE: CTE. In YouTube [online]. Available at:
Channel name: ctelift

Evolution as guide of change

Evolution is the concept around which the new CTE corporate video takes place: evolution of customer needs, evolution and innovation of products, evolution of processes and of the people who are its protagonists, and evolution of innovation itself.

Since 1981, CTE has been providing solutions for working at height, actively participating in the changes experienced by the lifting sector.

The video shows the heart of the company, where people, products and processes create the value of the CTE brand recognized by the market.

How is an aerial platform born? How many people every day work with passion and dedication to the innovation of CTE products? Which are the production and assembly steps? These and other aspects are shown in the new video, in full representation of the company philosophy WORK BECOMES EASY.


Source: CTE Spa