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New Mulching Head for Fire Mitigation

New Mulching Head for Fire Mitigation
Tigercat America
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New Mulching Head for Fire Mitigation


  • Tigercat introduces a new mulching head for swing carriers to aid in fire mitigation efforts in western North America.

  • The mulching head is designed for the Tigercat LX830E carrier, which is suitable for steep slopes and dense forest conditions.

  • The 4161-15 mulching head features a 1.5-meter mulching swath and a 130-degree wrist pivot for enhanced maneuverability.

  • The design includes a pin-on rake for additional functionality and is optimized for strength-to-weight ratio with large bearings for durability.

  • Common components with the Tigercat 4061 series, such as bearings, sprockets, seals, and timing belt, ensure field-tested reliability.

  • Hydraulic hoses are strategically routed for protection, and the mulching head includes a field-serviceable wear liner and accessible service points.

  • The LX830E carrier is highlighted for its power, compactness, and capability in challenging terrain, making it effective for reducing woody debris to prevent wildfires.

Tigercat releases mulching head for swing carriers in response to fire mitigation equipment requirements in western North America.


Wildfire is proving to be one of the greatest challenges facing foresters, landowners, governments and environmental organizations in the 21st century. The summer fire season over the last several years in North America has devastated millions of hectares of forest land, destroying wildlife habitat and carbon sinks, while releasing massive amounts of carbon and particulate matter into the atmosphere. Excessive fuel build-up on the ground is having a devastating effect.

Tigercat recently released a mulching head designed to mount on a Tigercat LX830E carrier. This machine can tackle steep slopes and operate within dense stands to reduce build-up of woody debris as a mitigation measure to guard against future wildfires.

The new 4161-15 head has a 1,5 m (59 in) mulching swath, 130 degree wrist pivot, and a pin-on rake for added utility. Like all Tigercat mulching heads, it is strength-to-weight optimized and fitted with large bearings.

Many of the components including the bearings, sprockets, seals and timing belt are common to the Tigercat 4061 series mulching heads and thus field proven. Hydraulic hoses are routed through the open tip boom into the top of the wrist, providing excellent protection. The replaceable wear liner is field serviceable. Removable covers allow easy access to all service points.

The LX830E carrier is powerful, compact and extremely capable on steep terrain.

Source: Tigercat