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New Range of High End Mower Conditioners from Kubota

The new DMC6300 series mower conditioners from Kubota feature the new innovative QuattroLink suspension concept. With its precise ground following ability and flexible working range this suspension offers excellent capacity.

New Professional Range of Mower Conditioners


Kubota DMC6300 comes in a number of configurations and is available with 3.2m and 3.6m working width. DMC6332T and DMC6336T are available with SemiSwing steel tine conditioning and the DMC6332R is fitted with rubber roller conditioning.

Kubota QuattroLink – New Innovative Suspension

Kubota DMC6300 series is fitted with QuattroLink supension. QuattroLink provides accurate ground following ability and highly flexible working range. The mowing unit is pulled by a 4-arm suspension, fitted onto a fixed carrying arm, that allows the mowing unit to float independently over the field, adjusting precisely and instantly to any changes in ground contours.

The 4-arm suspension provides the mowing unit with an exceptional flexibility in adapting to demanding ground contours. Mowing pattern is extremely flexible with a vertical working range of 400mm upwards and 300mm downwards and a transverse adaptation range of 30°.

Full-Width BreakAway

The NonStop BreakAway system offers even more protection with the new QuattroLink suspension. It offers protection across the full working width of the mower, including the part closest to the tractor. There are no limiting factors on the inside part of the mower, giving the driver true peace of mind. When hitting an obstacle in the field, the mowing unit will instantly move backwards and up, and then return to the original position.

DMC6336T Vario – Adjust Overlap on the Go to Maximise Performance

DMC6336T Vario is fitted with hydraulic SideShift integrated into the carrying arm. This allows the mowing unit to move 400mm. To easily compensate for changing field conditions, the adjustable overlap is designed as a telescopic arm, directly into the suspension. Increase overlap when mowing odd sized fields, going around corners or operating on slopes to ensure no stripes are left behind. Reduce overlap on flat and even fields to improve performance and cutting width.

During mowing operation the carrying arm always remains even to the ground, giving the mowing unit the freedom to instantly compensate and float across uneven ground contours. The true benefit of the suspension concept is that even though overlap is changed, the chosen ground pressure remains the same. Just set the mower to the requested overlap and mow on.

New Transport Solution

DMC6300 series folds hydraulically into a vertical position for transport, and there is no need to leave the tractor before heading off. The complete weight of the mower is spread evenly on both rear tires, with a 50/50% weight balance. This means the tractor in not sliding sideways during transport, providing extremely stable running characteristics of tractort, inviting for higher speed. For vertical storage, when not in use, the mower is designed with a new smart storage foot, requiring a minimum of space during winter storage.

Source: KUBOTA (Deutschland) GmbH; EU Agricultural Business Unit