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New ViO Range: Synonymous with reliabilty and robustness

Yanmar has completely renewed its range of zero tail swing mini-excavators (ViO) with 4 new models ranging from 2.5 to 3.6 tonne capacity. Combining quality, durability, robustness and reliability to meet the expectations of customers at the highest level, the new ViO26-6, ViO27-6, ViO33-6 and ViO38-6 are perfect for the most cramped building sites, the renovation of interiors and also landscaping.

Unparalleled compactness


Yanmar's new ViO mini-excavators are true zero tail swing machines: neither the counterweight nor the front of the upper frame exceed the track width. The very small turning radius enables operators to work in confined spaces, where conventional machines cannot manoeuvre, particularly in urban areas. Their compact chassis, as well as their reduced transport weight allows them to be easily transported with their attachments.

Spacious and comfortable cabins

Yanmar has developed the "Universal Design" concept, keeping the operator at the centre of its focus. Increased legroom in the newly designed cabin improves operator comfort and safety. Thanks to their optimum positioning, the control levers and the joysticks are situated in an ergonomic manner for easy access and for performing movements with exceptional accuracy.
New generation yanmar engines

The ViO-6 range is equipped with the latest generation of Yanmar TNV engines: 3-cylinder engine with electronic control and direct injection. As a result of our extensive research in to technological advancements, the TNV engine provides impressive output power. The fuel injection system has been improved, leading to cleaner emissions, a reduced sound level and lower fuel consumption.

Hydraulic systems

ViPPS Hydraulic System: The ViO27-6, ViO33-6 and ViO38-6 mini-excavators are equipped with ViPPS (ViO Progressive 3-Pump System) hydraulic circuits. The ViPPS hydraulic system uses 4 hydraulic pumps: 2 variable displacement pumps and 2 gear pumps (including one for the joysticks). To complement the system, Yanmar uses a distributor based on the ViPPS principle, which accumulates the flow of different pumps to obtain the optimal combination of speed, power, smooth fluid flow and balance. This permits the performance of all hydraulic operations simultaneously, even during travel, thereby offering the ultimate working tool.

"Flow-sharing" Hydraulic System: The ViO26-6 is equipped with a “Flow Sharing” hydraulic system comprising a variable-flow piston pump and a load sensing and flow sharing distributor. Each section of the distributor has a pressure balance which delivers flow proportional to the operator's demands and supplies instantaneous flow. When several movements together require an instantaneous flow in excess of what is available, each movement is reduced by the same ratio. The required movement combination is thus ensured.

Ease of maintenance

Daily maintenance is easy to perform. The engine covers are simple to open and the right side panels are hinged to facilitate their opening. This offers quick access to all the primary components: air filters, compressors, radiators, fuel filling pumps, batteries, fuel tanks, the hydraulic circuit oil tank alternators, engine oil dipsticks, water separators, coolant level, etc. Floor mats also aid in the cleaning process.

Source: Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe S.A.S.