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Picking in new dimensions

New EKS 110 vertical order picker packs more punch for greater payoff


New design comes on strong / Higher throughput rates with DrivePLUS / Flexible battery options / Lithium-ion batteries for 3-shift operations / Logistics interface connects trucks with Warehouse Management System / DayLED and Floor Spot illuminate picking process

Launch fever is in the air at LogiMAT 2016 in hall 9 (booth 9B02 and 9B04), as the new EKS 110 vertical order picker from Jungheinrich is rolled onto the red carpet. Featuring a load capacity of 1,000 kilogrammes, this completely redesigned truck is making its debut at Stuttgart in a new, distinctive Jungheinrich look sporting LED headlights and reflectors. Thanks to a maximum platform height of 3 metres, the truck supports picking heights of up to 4.6 metres. This makes the EKS 110 the ideal forklift for order picking from the first to third racking levels.

Maximum pick rates at lowest possible power consumption

The new 3.2 kW drive delivers higher speeds and around five percent greater acceleration. With the optional Drive+ package drivers can even shift up a gear, enjoying dynamic acceleration and speeds of up to 13 km per hour to get to the next picking location even faster, thanks to the load and steering angle-dependent Curve Control assist system that ensures safe cornering.

At the same time Jungheinrich has successfully cut energy consumption. Energy efficient three-phase AC technology and high battery capacity translate into long operating times. For multi-shift operation the EKS 110 now also runs on lithium-ion batteries rated at 240 and 360 ampere hours. The quick charging time associated with this battery technology means it takes only 30 minutes to reach a 50% charge, and 80 minutes for a 100% charge. For light and medium-duty operations over one or two shifts, Jungheinrich recommends 375, 465 and 620 ampere hour lead-acid batteries and gives a warranty for two-shift operation without battery replacement. According to the warranty, if a battery does not last for two full shifts, Jungheinrich will add a second battery for free. In other words, charging stations and expensive equipment as well as the associated labour costs for replacing batteries are now relegated to the past.

The picker and Warehouse Management System communicate perfectly

With the optional picking optimization package the EKS 110 can communicate via the Jungheinrich Logistics Interface - middleware for connecting various technologies in existing software environments - with custom warehouse management systems (WMS). This makes it easy to send orders to the truck control system. The package includes the drive programme selection feature for setting travel speed and acceleration and braking behaviour for specific products, as well as truck data query, an additional display in the load direction for displaying WMS information, not to mention a pushbutton on the side to confirm orders quickly and easily.

This synchronisation of material and data flows gives the logistics manager a real-time overview of all orders and truck data as well as greater process reliability. In addition, picking optimization means a further increase in intralogistics productivity - the truck reaches destinations even more rapidly and directly, and orders are confirmed faster. Another advantage is the increased operator safety and support while driving and picking.

Comfortable working in an ergonomic environment

The workplace of the EKS 110 is designed to make work easier: The cabin's ergonomic layout optimises task cycles and makes getting in and out as well as driving and picking fatigue-free. The optional picking platform does away with the forks while extending the driver platform to facilitate the picking of individual or bulky items. The optimised lowering of the walk-on load section (optional) ensures that the platform including loading equipment is lowered to the optimal lowest level - continually ensuring the lowest possible walk-on access without the pallet ever touching the ground.

Instead of the standard forklift steering, as an option the JetPilot can be fitted to the EKS 110 for intuitive and comfortable driving, just like a car. The new LED headlights and general lights further improve visibility. Optional extras include the integrated DayLED daytime running lights for improved visibility in poorly lit halls as well as the Floor Spot system, which significantly reduces the risk of collisions at blind spots by projecting a red dot on the ground around three metres ahead of the truck.


Source: Jungheinrich