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Premiere at the Agritechnica: Second generation soil sampler – Fritzmeier presents upgraded ISARIA SCOUT

Market launch of the upgraded ISARIA SCOUT soil sampler coincides with the Agritechnica fair. It features a new operator terminal, optimised software and a revised excavation method that offers greater sampling precision.


In the light of the current debate concerning fertilization regimes on arable farms and the revised, stricter provisions of the German Fertilizer Ordinance for the designated “red zones” for example, the practice of taking soil samples to measure the nitrogen content has substantially increased in significance.

Due to this, Fritzmeier is using the Agritechnica to unveil the latest generation of its proven soil sampler ISARIA SCOUT. It facilitates the fully automatic sampling of three distinct soil layers without any risk of the samples becoming mixed.

Multiple new developments enhance convenience and precision

The latest iteration of the ISARIA SCOUT has a new operator terminal with a membrane keypad and rotary knob, which is insensitive to dirt and allows the system to be controlled conveniently from the driver’s seat. The intuitive user interface has also been redesigned on the basis of new software, and the operating principle has been refined. Among the settings that can be made quickly and easily from the driver’s station are the drilling depth and the number and depth of the layers.

High operating reliability

New sensors and dirt-resistant induction switches allow the drill spindle and drill to operate with a high degree of reliability. Optimised drilling geometry enables the drill to penetrate the soil with the requisite flexibility and almost silently, even in stony fields. For this purpose, the drill is coated with a special alloy that prolongs its service life. The sensors continuously monitor the relevant operating conditions.

Numerous detail improvements

The excavation operation has been improved so as to minimise the risk of samples becoming mixed. In consequence, the extracted layers are accurately separated and no samples are lost when drilling is stopped.

The automatic lowering movement has been optimised as well, and the system can now be set down more easily on sandy or dry soils. In addition, the sampler’s mounting options and operating scope have been augmented.

Thanks to the special drilling geometry, the ISARIA SCOUT operates with low torque and therefore requires only a small power input. Compared to conventional samplers, moreover, it gives rise to less soil compaction and allows the drill to rotate in the ground with greater elasticity. Sampling is thus accelerated – depending on the available hydraulic power, in ideal conditions the operation can be performed in around 30 seconds.

Premiere in Hanover

The upgraded ISARIA SCOUT is being exhibited for the first time at the Agritechnica trade fair. More information is available at the fair from Fritzmeier Umwelttechnik on Booth B23 in Hall 09, or on the internet at

Source: Fritzmeier Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG