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“In firefighting, even the smallest details save lives.”

Fritzmeier CABS and ZIEGLER develop high-tech cab for airport fire trucks


The question of whether an aircraft fire on a runway can be put out or not is decided in just minutes. That means the outfitting and equipping of the firefighting vehicles are critical. With the new Z-Class ZIEGLER is setting a new benchmark, with up to 1540 hp engine power, stepless gearing and up to 19,000 litres of extinguisher. “The driver and crew compartment is a key aspect as well,” explains Max Ruhdorfer, Director of the ZIEGLER Group. “Fritzmeier has developed a cab for us that provides a previously unheard-of view all around, for efficient extinguishing.” The Z-Cab AiR, with its 1.8 metres internal height and room for seven people, is Fritzmeier CABS’ biggest cab project to date. It is built in lightweight aluminium construction throughout.

Big challenges… for big ideas.

 In developing the cab for the new Z-Class, Fritzmeier CABS used all of its expertise in light construction. Uwe Rastel, Vice President Sales & Engineering Fritzmeier, explains why: “What does light construction mean for a fire engine? The cab weighs less, so the vehicle can carry more extinguisher. At the same time it needs maximum visibility for extinguishing as well as maximum crash test safety. In order to address these conflicting needs, we used multi-chamber aluminium profiles with a small cross-section. They meet all safety demands, while giving us the flexibility to put in plenty of window area.

 Another central requirement was the modular design of the cab, so that ZEIGLER’s customers can implement different configurations and finishes. CEO Georg Fritzmeier says, “In a project like this, all the time we’ve spent in the development of modular systems really pays off. It gives us great freedom in designing the cab, and keeps costs to a reasonable level.” Thanks to its good network, for details like the mirror replacement system and air conditioning Fritzmeier CABS can source the best possible solutions from innovative partners.

When every minute counts…

...everything matters.

The new ZIEGLER Z-Class brings together everything a modern airport fire engine needs, and takes it to the next level. In addition to the high engine power and extinguisher fluid volume, the Z4 and Z8 models’ acceleration of 0 to 80 kmh in under 20 seconds is currently unequalled. A low centre of gravity keeps the vehicle stable and steady under all this performance.

Not only must the firefighters get to the fire quickly, they also have to get in and out of the vehicle quickly, while wearing full equipment. “We’ve provided door systems for ZIEGLER for a long time. It’s one of our core competences,” says Uwe Rastel. The doors feature light construction, offer an excellent view, and come in two versions so customers can select the solution that best fits their needs.

The new Z-Class was presented to the public at the ZIEGLER Innovation Rollout 2020 in September. Max Ruhdorfer summarises, “In firefighting, even the smallest details save lives. We’re delighted that Fritzmeier is on board the Z-Cass as a Premium Partner. Each individual component performs its function 100 percent and is a true high-tech design.”

Source: Fritzmeier Systems GmbH