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Proportional and economical bedding with GIANT ZV-350

Proportional and economical bedding: GIANT ZV350

TOBROCO-GIANT has developed a spreader bucket for sawdust which is perfect for bedding cow cubicles in an efficient and economical way. When the ZV350 (ISO content of 370 litre) is equipped with the optional side brush and manure scraper it is possible to bed and brush 40 cubicles per minute and with one pass.

After putting the spreader bucket into practice it was possible to bed 100 cubicles with only 100 litres of sawdust. This will not only save you 50% of sawdust but also economical savings of thousands of Euro’s per year. Furthermore the health of the cows will improve because the racks, cubicles borders and mats are clean after a pass. Clean cubicles decreases the change for udder disease and problems with claws.

Save time


With the use of the ZV350 manual labour will belong to the past and valuable time will be saved. The spreader bucket is equipped with a Hardox blade and wear strip so bedding materials can be self-loaded. Like every attachment from TOBROCO-GIANT the bucket can be attached and detached within seconds because of its hydraulic attachment system. The supports make sure that the bucket can be stored safe and stable and can even be loaded before it is attached to the machine.


The dosage of the ZV350 can be controlled accurately from fully closed to fully opened. This makes the spreader bucket not only suitable for sawdust but also for flax litter and grinded rapeseed or wheat flour. By-products can be mixed easily because of the screwed mixer blades and dose plate.

Sawdust bucket ZV-350

Options for expansion

The standard ZV350 can be expanded with a manure scraper and/or side brush. When the bucket is equipped with the manure scraper then the combination will clean the racks during the bedding process. The scrapper is made from Erlan rubber and fitted with a Hardox blade on the side to scrape the edge of the cubicles as well.


To keep the cubicles clean it is also possible to equip the spreader bucket with a hydraulic side brush (75 cm in diameter). The brush will turn into the cubicle so it is possible to start cleaning from the beginning and over the entire length. In the standard setting the brush will reach till 75 cm inside the cubicles but the height and length are adjustable. In folded position the side brush has the same width as the bucket so it is even possible to manoeuvre in tight spaces. Furthermore it is possible to self-load the ZV350 even when the brush is folded in. 

Source: TOBROCO Machines


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