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„Quality and reliability count the most“

The Berkes Group in Osthofen, Rheinland-Pfalz in Germany was founded in 1979 and employs 60 people. Because of the crowing shortage of skilled workers according to director Karl-Walter Berkes it’s getting more and more important to invest in modern, well equipped machinery and to cooperate with partners that are offering good service. The company works within a quite limited radius of 20 to 30 kilometres of its headquarters and is booked out with orders for the following months. To fulfil these orders, a GIANT loader V5003 HD takes over an important role. This compact wheel loader is used in high-building, roadworks as well as underground work and presents himself as a versatile helper on the building site. It works on building sites and is often used when lines for gas, electricity, water or data have to be laid.

Everybody uses the GIANT loader


„All of us really need this loader, because it is very powerful, but compactly built and very agile”, explains Karl-Walter Berkes. Frank Müller, head of the underground work department, adds: “The lifting forces of the V5003 HD compared to its own weight are very big. As we are working quite often on streets or close to streets, our building sites are always very narrow. We never have really a lot of space to work in.” A lot of streets in residential areas, where lines have to be laid, are only about two metres wide. In this situation the GIANT shows himself as an agile secret weapon with narrow wheelbase who is lifting and transporting heavy loads. The machine is used by nearly every worker on the site – they all enjoy working with it.GIANT V5003 HD

Partnership because of quality and reliability

It’s very important to the company that suppliers and partners are reliable, that a contact person is always available in difficult situations and most of all, that a machine just does its job. Karl-Walter Berkes explains: “If a machine is not working, we urgently need somebody who is able to solve the problem. The machines we use must work in a secure and reliable way, because we don’t have many of them and certainly none in reserve. We cannot afford to wait for ages in case of repairs.” Berkes points out that a good partnership always works in both ways. He always is making sure to have the same fair intercourse with suppliers and customers. The way Karl-Walter Berkes himself guarantees his customers trustworthiness and a high quality of his work, he is expecting it the same way from his suppliers. This is why his son Marc Peter Berkes and he check their building sites and projects themselves every day to ensure a very good quality.

Fulfilling different tasks

On a site with roadworks for laying lines in Worms the GIANT V5003 HD can be watched while being at work. It is obvious that the wheel loader is a powerful helper who makes sure that workers don’t have to do much manual work. The machine can fulfil a lot of different tasks and is used on many occasions: First the V5003 with the pallet fork carries away pieces of barrier fences, then it is seen to transport material within the site and finally loading material on a smaller truck. A little later the GIANT is transporting a whole pallet of cobblestones and shows of his lifting force which is really big compared to the own weight of the machine with less than four tons: Equipped with the pallet fork the Giant is lifting and transporting weights up to two tons. The machine presents itself quick and agile on the narrow streets of the residential area and close to the barriers. Generally, it helps the workers of the Berkes Company to be ready with the whole job on time – solid work within a reliable time schedule.