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RUTHMANN: world premiere for the SKY performance STEIGER® T 900 HF

Right on time for the largest construction machinery trade show in France, Intermat in Paris, RUTHMANN is premiering its newest truck-mounted working platform: the SKY performance STEIGER® T 900 HF. Equipped with the patented DRS (= Dynamic Reach System) and with its revolutionary Dual Concept, RUTHMANN’s T 900 HF represents a quantum leap in the 90 m truck-mounted working platform category.


The objective in developing this machine was not to construct a platform with a working height of over 90 m, but to meet the needs of the market. Customers and above all operators personnel require a guarantee of the maximum stability and flexibility of use.

The result is that RUTHMANN can now present the T 900 HF as currently the most flexible 90 m large-scale machine in the world in the truck-mounted working platform segment, with a revolutionary 42 m lateral outreach.

The STEIGER® T 900 HF uses the DRS (= Dynamic Reach System) for the first time. This patented system enables constant maximum STEIGER® performance via the on-board real-time outreach calculation based on the individual STEIGER® configuration.

A further special feature of the SKY performance STEIGER® T 900 HF is the revolutionary ‘Dual Concept’, which promises the customer higher utilisation rates thanks to the varied and unique application options. This means that the T 900 HF fulfils all the traditional functions of large-scale truck-mount in the same working height class.

In addition, the lower boom can be flexibly locked at an elevation angle of 80°-90°, which delivers enormous outreach benefits when working at great heights (SKY performance mode). Furthermore, as in equipment from smaller series, the lower boom can be erected at < 80° without being locked (HEIGHT performance mode).

The highflex technology – already known from the current HEIGHT performance-series – enables flexible ‘up, over and back’ working when used on elevated sites, thanks to 440° basket- and 220° jib (RÜSSEL®)-rotation angle.

The T 900 HF is thus a ‘2-in-1 machine’ which greatly enlarges the range of uses and allows for unique applications. On a market-wide comparison, the T 900 HF demonstrates the greatest flexibility of use, amongst other things through the 3-stage upper boom telescope, which measures 33 m when extended, even with the maximum basket load of 600 kg. In its transport position the T 900 HF is very compact (total length only 14.99 m). Thanks to its unique construction – in retracted condition the basket is located in the middle of the vehicle - the working platform unit can be put into operation without requiring additional space, and the risk of damage when manoeuvring is reduced.

The basket on the T 900 HF is also a completely new development, for example through its relocatable folding seat, 100% accessibility or the integrated lift-up system, which has been made substantially lighter and enables an additional 25 kg load capacity. The ambient lighting on the working basket is also innovative, as it enables well-illuminated working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even in darkness. The hand guard around the edge – even when the basket is fully extended – is one of the many safety features.

The innovative RUTHMANN developments are supplemented by many tried and tested features, e.g. the high-tech steel boom profiles in multi-bevelled technology or the modern COCKPIT control technology. This guarantees safe, simple and intuitive operation of the STEIGER®, which does not differ from other STEIGER® models in terms of its functions.

In addition, the STEIGER® T 900 HF is mounted on standard 5-axle chassis truck with a 48-52 t gross permitted vehicle weight. Unlike special vehicles, this guarantees a higher radius of action and a readily-approved transport concept with service available throughout Europe.

Typically RUTHMANN: the new SKY performance STEIGER® T 900 HF offers a choice of carrier vehicle options. Irrespective of whether customers want to use a SCANIA, MAN or VOLVO chassis, the proven choice of chassis once again demonstrates the high flexibility and simple handling for customers and operators. And when it comes to flexibility and efficiency of working, there is also a whole range of equipment options to choose from, such as a wide range of implements and mounted bodies for carrying tools and materials safely, different generators, a variety of heating systems for the COCKPIT basket control and the basket floor, a first aid box in the basket or camera brackets for TV productions, and much more.

From today’s perspective, the STEIGER® T 900 HF will primarily be used in the wind energy, building technology, (petro-) chemicals factories, sports events, telecommunication and port equipment segments. But who knows what else will also be possible in terms of entirely new areas of application with the new RUTHMANN technology!

RUTHMANN has already taken four orders for its new flagship truck-mounted working platform. As well as Felbermayr (Austria), Hüffermann (Germany) and Joly (France), COŞKUN VİNÇ (Turkey) has also decided in favour of the SKY performance STEIGER® T 900 HF.

Source: RUTHMANN GmbH & Co. KG