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A-389VF-IMP and Galaxy LDSR 300

Alliance Tire Group presents two „top performers“ at the premiere of THE TIRE COLOGNE

With Alliance A-389VF-IMP and Galaxy LDSR 300, ATG showcases two of the manufacturer’s recent highlights for agriculture, construction and material handling / Better Value: ATG more than ever stands for innovation, quality, performance and product lifetime.


From 29th May until 1st July, ATG will raise its flag at the premiere of THE TIRE COLOGNE, the new trade fair for tyres and wheels at Messe Köln. As specialist for off-highway tyres with a full portfolio equally offering powerful traction, outstanding reliability and a long service life, ATG will present two current top performers: Alliance A-389VF-IMP for agricultural transports and Galaxy LDSR 300, a tyre specially developed and built for wheel loaders operated under most adverse conditions.  Both tyres offer “better value” and optimum solutions for their respective uses. At the fair stand of Alliance Tire Group, the two current brand campaigns are presented: Farmers who “don’t stop till the job is done” represent agriculture and Alliance tyres, whilst different wild animals stand for the multifold strengths of Galaxy tyres for the construction sector.

Alliance A389VF

Alliance A-389VF-IMP

In addition to payload, on- and off-road suitability as well as road speed, increasingly also soil protection is considered key in agricultural transports: Thanks to the Very high Flexion technology (VF), the A-389VF-IMP delivers convincing results all along the line. When compared to standard flotation tyres, this load specialist either allows for 30% higher payload with the same tyre pressure, or – under unfavourable soil conditions for example – the same payload with a 30% lower tyre pressure.

In light of transportation capabilities which are required in modern harvesting processes, and considering the soil protection granted by tyre concepts that are available for agricultural tractors, the Alliance A-389VF-IMP offers the perfect solution: Resolute and efficient soil protection also with high-performance tractor/trailer combinations. Alliance VF-tyres are rightly considered to be leaders in the flotation tyre segment, and they offer a convincing overall package: Innovative and extremely resilient components as well as steel belts and other special construction characteristics ensure excellent puncture resistance, very low wear and a long service life.

The A-389VF-IMP is currently available in six sizes: VF 560/60R22.5 IMP, VF 600/55R26.5 IMP, VF 650/55R26.5 IMP, VF 710/50R26.5 IMP, VF 750/45R26.5 IMP und VF 750/60R30.5 IMP. With VF 800/60R32 IMP und VF 650/60R26.5 IMP, two further sizes are currently under development.

Galaxy LDSR 300


The Galaxy LDSR 300 is lining up as innovative tyre for wheel loaders and was specifically developed for operations under most adverse conditions in mining and material handling. Under such circumstances, outstanding stability and robustness are needed to securely handle heavy loads. Thanks to the sturdy radial construction and strong sidewall protection of the LDSR 300, this tyre offers superior strength and endurance and delivers convincing results also in the roughest of terrain.

Furthermore, the high quality mixture of tread compounds of the LDSR 300 ensures effective protection of the tread against lug-tearing and chunking, helping the machine to perform efficiently without any downtime. The „S-shaped“ tread pattern with stepped lugs provides optimal traction with excellent self-cleaning characteristics.

The new LDSR 300 for wheel loaders is a guarantor for high productivity and currently available in sizes 17.5R25, 20.5R25, 23.5R25, and 26.5R25. As fifth size in the LDSR 300 range, 29.5R25 is currently under development.

Source: ATG