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SANY's Commitment to Carbon Neutrality: Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future

SANY's Decarbonization Effort
SANY Group Asia
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SANY's Decarbonization Effort


  • SANY Group is actively contributing to the global clean energy transition by developing energy-saving technologies and offering efficient, low-energy consumption products across various sectors including hybrid, electric, hydrogen fuel, and wind power.

  • SANY operates 26 wind farms in China and plans to invest 5.1 billion USD in its wind hydrogen storage business over the next three years, aiming for annual sales of 11.3 billion USD and profits of 1 billion USD.

  • The company's renewable energy division has been recognized for its high-quality wind power equipment, with the SI-230100 wind turbine receiving the gold prize from Windpower Monthly for two consecutive years.

  • In the photovoltaic sector, SANY Silicon Energy has achieved mass production of N-type TOPCon solar cells and aims to create a new industry hub for the monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic industry in central and western China.

On January 26th, the first International Clean Energy Day, as proclaimed by the United Nations, was observed globally, highlighting the crucial role clean energy plays in fostering a sustainable energy transition. SANY Group ("SANY") is actively participating in this drive by providing integrated solutions for clean energy operations and driving green industrial transformation.


SANY prioritizes the development of energy-saving technologies and offers highly efficient, low-energy consumption products, making notable progress in hybrid, electric, hydrogen fuel, wind power, and prefabricated construction:

  • SANY operates 26 wind farms across 18 Chinese provinces.

  • SANY's 176 electrified products have reduced emissions by 4,150,489 tons.

  • SANY's hydrogen refueling stations use alkaline electrolysis with a maximum current density of 8000A/㎡, operating at 35Mpa pressure, and refueling at a speed of 5kg/min.

  • SANY's silicon energy division has produced a 5.5-meter monocrystalline silicon rod.

The total investment of the wind hydrogen storage business in the next three years is expected to be 5.1 billion USD, of which wind energy is 2.7 billion, photovoltaic 2.1 billion, hydrogen energy 90 million, energy storage, and lithium 210 million.

Each section plans sales of 11.3 billion USD per year and profits of 1 billion USD per year in the next three years.

SANY Renewable Energy: Committed to High-Quality Wind Power Equipment

In 2024, SANY will collaborate with customers to build 10 fault-free benchmark wind farms in China, integrating smart solutions for high-quality operations throughout the lifecycle.

For two consecutive years, SANY Renewable Energy's SI-230100 wind turbine has been recognized as a top onshore wind turbine by Windpower Monthly, receiving the coveted gold prize.

Additionally, SANY Renewable Energy recently achieved another milestone by producing the SY1310A blade, measuring 131 meters, at its zero-carbon intelligent industrial park in Bayannur, Inner Mongolia, setting a new world record for the longest onshore wind turbine blade.

SANY Electrification: Leading the Way in Electric Construction Machinery

SANY's electrified products have over 80% global market share, and it has also partnered with major port operators like PSA, APMT, Hutchison, and DPW to promote environmentally friendly port logistics.

"There is a growing environmental consciousness, and our company is committed to reducing energy consumption and production greenhouse gas emissions. This makes me passionate about these issues and motivates me to contribute to society," said Ashley Law, an engineer at SANY's R&D Center in Germany. "We aim to use innovation and technology to address various social issues in modern urban construction," Law added.

Moreover, SANY Group participated in China's first electrified highway project in Zhuzhou, Hunan. In 2023, their Mota 1165 electric tractor set a record by traveling over 800 km from Changsha to Shenzhen in just over 13 hours on a single charge.

SANY Hydrogen: Delivering Zero-Carbon Solutions through Integrated Hydrogen Refueling Stations and Equipment

In 2020, SANY produced the world's first hydrogen fuel cell mixer truck and dump truck, marking a significant milestone in the hydrogen era.

In 2022, SANY established the first integrated hydrogen production and refueling station in Hunan, China, expanding its presence in the hydrogen energy supply chain.

In 2023, SANY Hydrogen signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangtai Hydrogen Energy Technology to build the first 2000kg-class hydrogen refueling station in Shanghai, representing the first commercial deployment of SANY's integrated hydrogen refueling station solution.

Furthermore, SANY Hydrogen achieved breakthroughs with a 1.5GW production line for alkaline electrolyzers, enabling mass production of systems from 500 to 2000 standard cubic meters, and built a 20MW-scale electrolyzer test platform for product development.

SANY Silicon Energy: Driving Innovation and Industrialization in Photovoltaic Sector

SANY Group is rapidly developing the monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic industry, from silicon rods to cell production and photovoltaic module manufacturing, aiming to create a new industry hub in the central and western regions of China.

In 2023, SANY Silicon Energy achieved mass production of its first N-type TOPCon solar cells at its 5GW Zhuzhou facility, completing its integrated industry footprint. The project also saw the successful production of the first monocrystalline silicon rod at SANY Silicon Energy's Shuozhou facility, providing a strong impetus for future industry-scale deployment.

SANY is committed to the energy transition in mining and construction, recognizing no one-size-fits-all solutions. It tailors approaches, empowering customers with confidence on their journeys towards a low-carbon future.

Source: SANY Group