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Sany SSR120C-8

SANY’s New Roller Compactor at CON EXPO

SANY released a new Roller Compactor at CON EXPO 2017. The SSR120C-8 is a bold entrance into the North American compaction market.

SANY is a major player in the compaction industry in many countries around the World. Now the SSR120C-8 is here in America. It has been completely redesigned to fit the needs of the domestic customer base.

Eric Teague at SANY America said, “This is Sany America’s first model in the compaction market and further proves SANY’s commitment to providing the best value proposition in the industry.”

The new Roller compactor is powered by a reliable Cummins tier 4F engine that is fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. It has electronically controlled travel and vibratory functions to improve operator efficiency. The SSR120C-8 comes standard with a rear view camera and a heated, air suspension seat for safety and comfort.


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