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T SERIES > new basics for Mediterranean agriculture

Essential and ergonomic, they have great reliability thanks to extensive AC experience and tradition in the equal wheel tractor sector. The tractors from the T Series can be considered the forefathers of all AC equal wheel tractors. Basic tractors, but full of the personality that sets each Antonio Carraro product apart and which translates into reliability, strength and handling for the operator. Tractors designed to work on hillsides, in the mountains and on specialised crops, where grip, handling and dimensions are of vital significance. Two engine powers available.

T Series > Tigrone TN 5800 steering / Supertigre SV 5800 articulated


4 cylinder, 49.7hp Yanmar engine; ACTIO™ chassis; low centre of gravity, 12 speeds (8+4), servo assisted steering are the main characteristics of these tractors that guarantee stability and constant traction on hillsides, in the mountains and on uneven ground. The new bodywork is fitted with large grilles in perforated sheet metal that guarantee incredible thermal exchange, ideal in hot climates, frequently found in the countries around the Mediterranean.

T Series MAJOR > TN 5800/6400 steering – TC 5800F/6400F steering – SN 6400 articulated

4 cylinder Yanmar engine with 49.7 hp (5800) and 56hp (3 turbo cylinders, 6400); steering or articulated ACTIO™ chassis, the “family” referred to as Major is made up of various equal-wheeled or larger rear wheeled models (larger wheels for the TC-F model) and is fitted with a synchronised gearbox with 12+12 speeds, inverter and an independent PTO which offers great efficiency when working with equipment independently of the tractor’s motion. The control draft and position power lift facilitates the use of equipment. The comfort of these tractors is excellent thanks to their spacious drive position and ease of access. The rear mudguards are fitted with handles for the operator, useful and safe when carrying out tasks on lateral slopes.

T Series > Tigrecar 5800 > The transporter version is a concentration of technology, function and comfort designed to satisfy the most diverse operative needs. Compact and with good handling, an 8+8 speed synchronised gearbox with inverter, it is a multi-purpose tractor ideal for working in narrow spaces, on steep slopes and uneven ground as it optimises performance and operational time. The oil bath disk brakes on all four wheels, the supplementary Superbrake* system, the final reducers on the front and rear wheels, provide solidity and operative safety. Onboard comfort and the ergonomics of the controls are excellent, thus allowing the operator to work for many hours without experiencing stress. The Tigrecar 5800 is a transporter suitable for specialised agriculture, maintenance and material movement on sports grounds, civil maintenance, building sites, roadway maintenance and forestry.

Source: Source: Antonio Carraro S.p.A.