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Tampieri renews Hitachi wheel loader rental fleet

Hitachi ZW180
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Hitachi ZW180

The Tampieri Group (video) has renewed its four-year rental agreement with the Italian Hitachi dealer SCAI for a third consecutive period. The Faenza-based company will have a new fleet of eight Hitachi ZW180-6 wheel loaders delivered to its production plant in 2019 to replace the existing eight ZW180-5s.

The two parties have been working together since 2011, when Tampieri last decided to change its rental supplier. After researching the market for other companies who use wheel loaders for a similar purpose, the final decision to rent eight Hitachi ZW180s was based on the best price/quality mix and the “feeling” that Tampieri had at the time for the potential suppliers.

An excellent experience

The initial fleet was replaced by the ZW180-5s when the contract was renewed for the first time in 2015. “We decided to continue renting Hitachi wheel loaders from SCAI in 2015 and 2019, because we have been happy not only with the machines, but also the technical and administrative support,” says one of the company owners and Purchasing Manager Franco Tampieri. “We’ve had an excellent experience and they have continued to deliver good value for money.

“It’s not only important for us to choose a rental supplier, but also to make this selection based on the level of cooperation. As a result, we look for those who not only offer a competitive price, but also who will be by our side. Since the very first meeting, I have had a good feeling about renting Hitachi wheel loaders from SCAI, and how seriously they take their work. They have an answer to every question and understand our preferred way of working.”

Tampieri’s Purchase Department Coordinator, Pietro Tampieri, adds: “If you buy machines, it’s not just the capital cost you have to consider, but also the running costs. As the wheel loaders operate 24/7, our rental agreement with SCAI is successful because the technical support is fast, and keeps them up and running at all times. The ZW180-6s are critical to our operation and that’s why we need reliable machines.”

The perfect machine

Following its 90-year anniversary in 2018, the Tampieri Group is now run by the fourth generation of Tampieri family with a team of 280 employees. It is firmly established as the market leader for the processing of sunflower oil in Italy and number one for the production of grape seed oil in the world. A key part of the process employed in the handling of the raw materials at the production plant is managed by the Hitachi wheel loaders.

They continually move the stockpiles of seed and flour (produced from the seed) from one part of the plant to another. The seeds are stored in the best possible place to be integrated within the production process and are therefore moved in the most efficient way by the ZW180-6s.

Each machine moves up to 1,000 tonnes of these materials per day and the operators work across three shifts. Tampieri’s busiest period is from August to March to coincide with the harvesting season each year. At this time, around 200 trucks per day visit the plant.

Christian Cimino, Tampieri’s Manager of Machinery, says, “We have seen the development of the different ZW180s, so that the latest ZW180-6 is easier to use, more intuitive and has more technology. The visibility from the cab has also improved and there is a fuel saving of around 20% over the previous model. It has excellent capacity for loading and carrying the piles of seed and other materials. In my opinion, the best feature is the orange colour and without doubt it’s the perfect machine!”

Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV

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