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Telescopic Wheel Loader PT 192

Telescopic Wheel Loader PT 192 arrives in the other side of the world

Landex, specialist in construction machines resale, with headquarter in Auckland New Zealand, has recently bought one Palazzani Telescopic Wheel Loader PT 192.

It is not the first Palazzani Loader arriving in this far territory, today in New Zealand there are 3 Telescopic Loader PT 192 and 1 Wheel Loader PL 1105.

Recently a Telescopic Wheel Loader PT 192 has been delivered to a company specialized in the production of feed: the Ag-Vision. The customer has requested to have a machine with an accurate load weighing system and able to reach a relevant loading height, because the trucks for the transport of feed reach 4.2 m height.

Palazzani  Wheel Loader PT 192

Telescopic Wheel Loader PT 192 succeeds in satisfying all requests of the customer, furthermore, thanks to its versatility, this machine can be equipped with many hydraulic attachments; in this specific case the customer has requested on PT 192 a special hopper bucket to facilitate the loading of the feed on trucks.

Source: Palazzani Industrie S.p.A.


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