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A new Ragno TSJ 27/C in Germany

SK-Agrar, a company founded in 2013 by Engineer Hermann Schulte Kellinghaus in Ruhrgebeit - Germany, deals with providing products, machinery and related assistance to experts in the field of green maintenance, this sector has undergone a great expansion in recent years and the demand for cutting-edge equipment suited to their needs has increased exponentially.


Eng. Hermann has identified in the Palazzani TSJ 27 platform the most suitable machine to meet the needs of its customer, the Thomas Strangemann Baumdienst GmbH company specialized in tree pruning, cultivation and forestry. The client's need was to have an aerial platform that could serve inaccessible and difficult to reach workplaces, with minimum dimensions and weight, that could work both off-road and in the city: what's better than a Palazzani Spider ?

The Ragno TSJ 27/C is the ideal machine to face green maintenance work, in addition to its reduced size and weight, it offers manual stabilization with independent stabilizers, the ideal configuration for placing the machine in difficult or steep places; moreover all the pipes and electric cables are inside the main telescopic arm, this avoids the entanglement of branches that could cause big damages, finally the slewing gear with a rotation of 660 ° and the jib tilting of 175 °, allow to reach different working areas without moving the machine several times.

In addition, the TSJ 27 Palazzani platform has been equipped with important and useful options such as the remote control, additional protections that guarantee even more safety for those who face this type of work, non-marking tracks and basket of customized dimensions as expressly requested by the customer.

Source: Palazzani Industrie S.p.A.