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The "Development Committee" of Banco San Geminiano and San Prospero bank organized its meeting at the Comer Industries' new plant

The meeting took place last September 10th in the new Gearboxes plant, rebuilt after the 2012 earthquake.

Banco S. Geminiano and S. Prospero bank organized on September 10th, 2015 the regular meeting of its "Development Committee" of Reggio Emilia and that of Bologna in a joint session at the new Comer Industries’ production plant in Reggiolo (RE), Italy.

The invitation of Fabio Storchi, President and CEO of Comer Industries, arose from the desire to present to the local institutions and stakeholders the new 20,000 square meters plant, which is at the forefront of reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere, in work safety and the adoption of process methodologies. Features that confirm the industrial vocation of a group constantly committed in the pursuit of excellence to serve the major manufacturers of agricultural machinery and industrial applications worldwide.

“We are pleased to host the Development Committee of Banco S. Geminiano and S. Prospero bank at our most modern and sustainable plant”, Fabio Storchi said. “We rebuilt and expanded the facility after the earthquake of 2012 to provide excellent products for the agricultural market, which is strategic for Comer Industries, and we chose to adopt the best production technologies and advanced working methods.”

In a single production site, the gearboxes assembly department, an innovative painting system and the shipping department have been integrated. At full capacity, the plant employs 360 people, with a production of 450,000 pieces a year.

The facility has been conceived with thermo-hydraulic and electrical systems designed according to the most advanced technologies. Great attention has been focused on energy saving and environmental protection, through the installation of heat pumps and a high-efficiency LED lighting system. Photovoltaic panels have also been installed, which guarantee the self-consumption use of 75% of the energy produced and a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions amounting to 253 ton/year.

The production lines have been designed according to World Class Manufacturing (WCM) principles, a work approach of Japanese inspiration which addresses maintenance, logistic, quality and organizational problems on the basis of their economic impact (cost deployment), with the objective of zero defects, zero breakdowns, zero accidents and zero inventories. Since this new method was introduced in 2014, the number of injuries has dropped by 47%, with a record 318 days without accidents.

"We have accepted with pleasure President Fabio Storchi’s invitation – commented Stefano Bolis, Local Director of Banco S. Geminiano e S. Prospero bank – We decided to call the Committees of Reggio Emilia and Bologna in a joint session to see the great work done by Comer Industries first-hand: a symbol, for all local industries, of the desire to react, consolidate and grow, producing value and employment.”

Source: Comer Industries