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Variety in the Focus product line

At the Agritechnica 2013 HORSCH presented the second generation of the Focus TD in 4 to 7 m working width. The StripTill seed drill is now upgraded with another tine spacing and a three-point linkage for even more flexible sowing – both options now allow for StripTill sowing for maize.


The Focus 6 TD is now also available as a version with a three-point linkage to mount the seed unit – similar to the Pronto 6 AS. This increases the variability of the Focus. In addition to the seeding bar with a row spacing of 35 cm for rape or 17.5 cm for cereals it is now also possible to attach a Maestro RC. Thus, it is possible to sow maize, soybeans, sunflowers or sugar beet with a Focus with 6 m working width. The row spacing of the Maestro RC can range between 45 and 75 cm.

The Focus ST is the StripTill specialist for maize. Instead of the standard tine section with a tine spacing of 30 cm it is equipped with a one-row tine section with a tine spacing of 75 or 90 cm (e.g.for maize in South Africa) depending on the working width. If used with a Maestro RC as a sowing unit, the Focus ST is available in 3 working widths: 6 m (8-row, 75 cm spacing), 7.2 m (8-row and 90 cm spacing) aund 9 m (12-row with 75 cm spacing).

Basic ranges of use of the Focus TD:

The Focus combines tillage and fertilisation with simultaneous sowing. The Focus only works and loosens the areas that later on are intended for the crops. TerraGrip tines loosen the soil in strips and remove harvest residues from the seed and root area. They deposit a fertiliser depot (optionally in different depths) and thus increase fertiliser efficiency significantly. Compared to conventional fertilisation the cost savings are considerable. The tines transport wet soil to the germination horizon. According to the requirements the hollow discs create ridges or level the soil. The tyre packer consolidates in front of the seed coulters – the solid and precise TurboDisc seed coulters of the Pronto line then can sow into the moist soil.

Source: HORSCH

Horsch Focus 6 TD on LECTURA Specs