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The MEILLER Eco-Kupplung ® is unveiled at bauma 2019

Efficient tipping at the push of a button


Safety and efficiency are paramount as the Munich tipper specialist presents its latest innovations and products at this year's bauma trade fair. Visitors have the opportunity to view the MEILLER Eco-Kupplung ® (eco clutch) unveiled by MEILLER for the first time in this context. This is located between the engine-driven PTO and the hydraulic pump and serves as a system which facilitates flexible activation. In contrast to the previous solution, use of the eco clutch means the pump no longer runs when it is not required, being now only activated when necessary. As a consequence, the 2-4 kW of power constantly consumed by conventional engine-driven pumps can be saved.

The eco clutch represents MEILLER's reaction to the growing demand for use of engine-driven pumps. Whereas hydraulic systems could only be operated previously when stationary in the case of gearbox-driven pumps, the eco clutch now means that efficient operation can be continued while travelling. In addition to enabling drivers to avoid switching time delays, it also considerably optimises their workflow. The driver can commence tipping without delay, and the possibility to operate hydraulic systems while travelling means that even more time can be saved. These compelling arguments in favour of this solution are also clearly reflected in figures, as savings of between 0.5 and 1.4 litres of diesel per hour or up to 3.5 litres every
100 km can be achieved, thus permitting considerably more economical and sustainable operation.

The hydraulic systems can still be operated with ease in the familiar manner using the PTO in the vehicle cab. Intuitive tipper control remains the same for the driver, while the superstructure can operate much earlier and with greater efficiency, thanks to variable activation. Sustainability is the aspect enhanced to the greatest degree in this respect. In addition to the economic advantage, the fuel saving achieved means that use of the unit is also considerably more favourable from an ecological point of view.

Source: F.X. Meiller Fahrzeug- und Maschinenfabrik - GmbH & Co KG