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The MEILLER D316 three-way tipper embodies impressive functionality

An all-rounder for every situation


Construction and waste management sector professionals value the three-way tipper from MEILLER as a reliable all-rounder. The family enterprise is exhibiting the latest D316 with a steel Bordmatic and smooth M-JET side walls at bauma 2019. In addition to its versatility, the three-way tipper also scores highly in terms of safety and efficiency. New solutions from MEILLER make transportation safer than ever before, both for drivers and other road users. Intelligent concepts for securing loads make work easier for the driver, ensuring that transportation tasks are safer, more convenient and more efficient.

Safety innovations include side wall lashing lugs with a lashing force of 2 tons per lug. These are available in combination with the tipper body designed to accommodate pallet width and a Bordmatic system and ensure a stable lashing angle, even in the case of high loads. In addition, transportation professionals profit from insertable floor lashing lugs in the corners (extremely resilient up to a lashing force of 8 tons) and lugs which can be retracted flush with the floor. The latter can be lowered manually with ease when not required, freeing the entire loading platform for use.

MEILLER also presents an intelligent product solution when it comes to tipper bodies designed to accommodate pallets, with the three-way tipper now available with an interior width of 2.42 metres, steel side walls and Bordmatic. This design makes it perfect for transportation of pallets, with transport companies enhancing their flexibility as a result during operation of their vehicles. The rear and loading area visibility package, consisting of cameras and LED lights, enables the driver to maintain an overview in every situation. Both the rear area camera and the camera on the tipper body can transmit their image either directly to the monitor already integrated in the vehicle or to an external monitor. Clear transmission is also assured when visibility is poor, thanks to LED working lights at the rear and in the tipper body.

In addition to these features, the MEILLER electric sliding tarpaulin is also fitted. The system (also available as a retrofit) can be fitted with or without a tarpaulin canopy including impact protection. Automated catch hooks secure the tarpaulin during the journey, while the folding bow closes off the area at the tailgate completely through automatic action. The tarpaulin is guided with ease using a remote control unit or the MEILLER i.s.a.r.-control remote. The system permits proper securing of the load at the push of a button.

Source: F.X. Meiller Fahrzeug- und Maschinenfabrik - GmbH & Co KG