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The new DV+ 70i and DV+ 90i tandem rollers from Hamm: Powerful and user-friendly

In the tandem roller market segment, Hamm is bringing two powerful new machines to Intermat: the DV+ 70i and DV+ 90i tandem rollers with all-wheel steering. The two rollers weighing 7 t and 9 t respectively are highly productive, offer excellent visibility and win over users with the intuitive-to-learn Easy Drive operating concept.


As you would expect from Hamm, the two new DV+ 70i and DV+ 90i tandem rollers represent a shot in the arm for the pivot-steered tandem roller sector. The development of the 7 t and 9 t rollers was based on a “wish list” suggested by leading construction companies from all over the world. The results speak for themselves: from the large, fully glazed panoramic cab, the driver can see the drum edges and edge pressing device at all times. This has been made possible through the innovative design of the cab and water tank. What’s more, the glazed cab floor provides an unobstructed view of the roller drum.

The rollers are also designed with maximum productivity in mind, because the large tank capacity permits continuous compaction in extended work sessions. At the same time, the oil, diesel and water replenishment is designed to be very user-friendly: hydraulic oil and diesel can be refilled easily from ground level. Water can be topped-up quickly and safely under pressure from ground level (standard equipment). Gravimetric water filling via the inlet located at the top is another option.

Future-proof engine technology

Both models are equipped with ultra-modern engines. With its 75 kW power plant, the DV+ 90i betters the requirements of Tier 4i / EU IIIB, and the DV+ 70i with its 56 kW engine even satisfies the Tier 4f / EU IV values. Both power plants filter the soot particles with a highly effective diesel particulate filter (DPF) as part of the exhaust gas purification. This means that the machines are equipped with future-proof technology that can also be used in very restrictive markets such as Switzerland.

High quality asphalt paving

The mid-mounted engine together with the two-part water tank ensures an even, constant weight distribution. Combined with the split drums and pivot steering, they enable the production of top quality asphalt paving, even in tight corners. And thanks to the convenient automatic reverse transmission, gentle braking, acceleration and reversing could not be easier. The result is perfectly smooth asphalt paving with no bumps or hollows.

New Easy Drive operating concept

The new and innovative Easy Drive operating concept enables intuitive, self-explanatory operation. It is the result of an extended research and development project over a number of years in which Hamm has collaborated with universities and ergonomics specialists as well as roller drivers from different countries.

The different functional elements are grouped by colour on the operating panel. This helps to create clarity and simplifies operation. In addition, a joystick on the armrest allows the most important functions to be called up, with the driver being able to see all the keys on the joystick. The arrangement of the operating elements all around follows the principle that the proximity of the elements to the control lever is directly related to their frequency of use.

With a widened access to the spacious cab, getting on and off has become even easier and safer. Inside, a wide range of adjustment options allows the seat and console to be positioned to perfection, enabling drivers of all heights to find an ergonomic sitting position. In the standard version, the driver’s seat may be swivelled by ± 90° in either direction. Electric adjustment up to a maximum of 300° is also available as an option. This allows the driver to adopt a relaxed sitting position, facing in the direction of travel in all situations without having to twist around.

Documents and personal items can be securely stored in the many compartments around the seat and two 12-V sockets enable a mobile phone to be charged for example. Last but not least, excellent sound insulation reduces the noise level of the already intrinsically quiet engine in the cab.

Available from summer 2015

At the time of the market launch, the machines will be offered in three variants: as a double vibratory roller (VV), an oscillatory roller (VO = a vibratory and an oscillatory drum) and as a combination roller (VT). On all three variants, the vibratory drums are split as standard. Series production of the DV+ is projected to begin in the first quarter of 2015, with the machines set to be available from summer 2015.

Source: HAMM AG