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Gold for Toyota Material Handling Europe

Toyota Material Handling Europe awarded Gold by EcoVadis

Toyota Material Handling Europe has for the 5th time been awarded the EcoVadis Gold level for its sustainability performance. The company was the first – and is still the only company in its industry - to reach this level.


The certificate recognises companies that are committed to transparency by measuring and harmonising their performance across all entities on the EcoVadis platform.

“EcoVadis makes it simple for our customers to compare us with other suppliers. And as sustainability topics become more and more important in their choice of supplier, this ranking is equally important to us,” says Carina Strömberg, Sustainability Controller at Toyota Material Handling Europe. “The Gold certificate recognises our efforts in being more transparent particularly in the areas of HR and compliance. We increased our overall scoring from 72 to 76 out of 100 points and made progress in Ethics and Labour & Human rights issues.”

Toyota Material Handling Europe, first evaluated at a group level by EcoVadis in 2012, was the first in its industry to be awarded a Gold level. Toyota expanded its annual EcoVadis assessments to 26 entities since then. In 2017, its four European factories, 21 national sales companies and the group as a whole were evaluated and awarded eleven Gold, thirteen Silver and two Bronze ratings.

EcoVadis makes it easy for companies to do business with Toyota Material Handling Europe. The comprehensive platform and an annual re-evaluation of each of Toyota Material Handling’s participating entities gives easy access to performance reports covering 150 purchasing categories regarding environment, labour, fair business practices and sustainable procurement. EcoVadis provides easy-to-use sustainability ratings and evaluations, and is used by leading multinationals and over 40,000 of their value-chain partners across 120 countries.


Source: Toyota Material Handling Europe