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Innovation, technology, and digital services: Kato Imer launches the app that makes life easier for EME operators

Customers have always been the main concern for KATOIMER, and its constant focus on new market trends is evidenced once more by the launch of its multi‐platform app, already available on the main iOS and Android stores.


The new KATOIMER APP features swiftness, a dynamic approach and high technology, aspects set to significantly change the manner in which the services we offer are used, thereby strengthening customer relations. The app can be downloaded free of charge on smartphones and tablets and assures access to a wealth of useful and ever up-to-date services and information. The geolocation feature lets you identify the nearest dealer or service center and request assistance. Interactions with customers are now dynamic and timely, and alerts on special offers and services can be sent by harnessing the full potential of the new mobile communication technologies.

With KATO IMER’s new APP, you can view the whole product catalog and download the relevant brochures and manuals. You can also view the full list of dealers and service centers and their location on the map. Increasingly stronger interactions with the company mean you can also receive alerts on important updates published by it, view the FAQs and contact KATO IMER directly. Lastly, owners of KATO IMER machinery have the option of signing up in the designated Private Area to download the appropriate manuals. A comprehensive tool catering for the end user’s needs, a tool abreast with the times.


Source: KATO IMER S.p.A.