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Vermeer Introduces the New RTX1250i2 Ride-On Tractor

Intelligent Controls and Interchangeable Attachments


The new Vermeer® RTX1250i2 ride-on tractor boasts intelligent controls and interchangeable attachments to help maximize productivity for utility installation work. Based on the prior RTX1250 ride-on tractor design, the RTX1250i2 ride-on tractor features the latest in technology to make it more convenient to operate, be more efficient on the jobsite and reduce the amount of time it takes to swap out i2 attachments.

“The new RTX1250i2 ride-on tractor is an evolution in productive utility installation equipment,” said Ed Savage, product manager at Vermeer. “It features cutting-edge advances in intelligent controls to help contractors do more with one machine while improving job performance. The intelligent features help the operator maintain optimal efficiency.”

The controls on the Vermeer RTX1250i2 deliver several productivity advantages, including Productivity Zone, Auto Plunge, TrenchSense™ electronic control system, and EcoIdle engine control system.

  • Productivity Zone intelligent feature identifies the ideal operating range and ground speed for the rear attachment being used to optimize machine production.

  • With a flip of a switch, the Auto Plunge technology monitors engine rpm and reduces the rate of plunge automatically for a trencher or rockwheel attachment so that the rpm does not drop too far.

  • The onboard TrenchSense™ electronic control system helps prevent engine stall when working in challenging ground conditions. It actively monitors engine rpm while trenching and it will automatically pause the tractor’s forward creep if engine rpm drops or the trencher chain stops.

  • The unit’s EcoIdle™ engine control system can help reduce fuel consumption by automatically lowering the engine’s speed to an idle if the tractor has not been active for 30 seconds.

From tires to tracks, trenchers to plows and backfill blades to reel carriers, Vermeer has made it more convenient to customize and reconfigure the RTX1250i2 with intelligent i2 attachments that can be switched out in as little as 60 minutes. The self-identifying i2 attachments communicate with the tractor and the machine's controls are then adjusted according to the operational needs of the attachment.

Other features include the optional self-leveling auto tilt to help maintain a vertical trench by adjusting the rear tractor axle. The Vermeer RTX1250i2 is also Vermeer Fleet-ready, which allows the contractor to monitor the machine’s engine operating hours, idle hours, fuel usage, fault codes and location, as well as geofencing capabilities.

The RTX1250i2 also comes with an optional remote control for convenient maintenance and trailer loading/unloading.

Equipped with a 95 kW (127 hp) Deutz diesel engine, the RTX1250i2 ride-on tractor offers efficient power for high load installs in difficult ground conditions and provides a quieter ride than similar-sized tractors. An isolated platform that helps reduce vibration, conveniently placed controls and optional climate-controlled cab helps keep the operator comfortable and productive all day.

Source: Vermeer Corporation